My (amended) review of the Nutri-SquEASE juicer


Update: I no longer recommend the Nutri-Squease for people who juice daily, as I do. I now recommend it only for those who do not juice regularly, as it does not seem to be very durable.

This unique juicer was released in late 2011, I’ve been using one for the last month, and I’m excited to tell you about it.

It’s called the Nutri-SquEASE Max Slow Juicer, but it’s actually not slow at all.

I’ve been juicing for 12 years and I’ve gone through a few juicers in that time, but I’ve never found one that gives you more value for money than this one.

And that’s because it produces the juice quality and volume of expensive twin gear juicers yet costs around half as much.

It is also faster and easier to use.

Ever been using an expensive twin gear juicer and had to lean almost your whole weight on the tamper in order to get hard vegetables to (slowly) go through?

I don’t know about you, but I find this a real chore!

What I love about this new juicer is that you only need to drop produce down the chute and it is – quickly – pulled in and through the machine.

This is not a traditional centrifugal juicer, even though it may look like one. It uses masticating technology similar to that of horizontal twin gear juicers, but thanks to its upright design, is much quicker and easier to use.

That’s also thanks to its double-blade auger, which bites off twice as much food per rotation as slow juicers that use single-blade augers.

However, that said, it works at the same low RPM to preserve delicate vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.

According to the marketing blurb, juice made in the Nutri-SquEASE contains up to five times the nutrients of juice made in traditional centrifugal juicers.

The downsides: the juice itself is quite pulpy. Some folks don’t mind this; I do. I like my juices to be completely smooth and debris-free. And that can be achieved quickly by straining it through a nut milk bag, which takes literally one minute.

Making a litre of green juice (as I do most days) takes me ten minutes using the Nutri-SquEASE, including straining juice and cleaning juicer, whereas in any previous slow juicer I’ve owned the whole process would take at least twice that long.

This juicer also makes fantastic nut milks – simply soak nuts, rinse, then ladle through the chute with fresh water.

The Nutri-SquEASE is basically a close copy of the Hurom Slow Juicer, which has a very similar design and uses the same technology.

I have heard only good things about the Hurom. However, it is £299, so a lot more expensive than the Nutri-SquEASE. It has a larger motor and longer warranty so for those who juice daily and in large quantity, it could be the more economical choice in the long run.

But if you don’t think you’ll be using it daily, or just want to get started with juicing, there is no other juicer that costs as little as the Nutri-SquEASE but will make juice of such high quality.

I highly recommend Wholistic Research. Of all the UK online raw/health stores I’ve used, and that’s most of them, they come out top in both product range and customer service.

I haven’t been able to find the Nutri-SquEASE on sale anywhere in the US. The closest model to it is the Hurom, and is selling it for $335.


    • Hi Misa – It is not identical to the Hurom juicer but it’s based on exactly the same technology and is basically a copy of it. The Hurom does have a longer warranty, so if you’re going to be using it daily and making very large quantities of juice, could be worth paying the extra for. The Nutri-SquEASE does make quite pulpy juice but personally, I find it is so much quicker overall that I really don’t mind the minute it takes to strain it.

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    • Hi Kimberly – As far as I know, the closest to the Nutri-SquEASE on sale in the Americas is an orange and white version of it called the Power Press juicer. There’s an infomercial about it here. The prices are given in Mexican pesos and at today’s exchange rates, you can go to and get a Hurom juicer for less (link at the end of the article). Wholistic Research tell me they do not think it’s worth paying more for the Power Press than the Hurom, as that has a bigger motor and longer warranty.

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  • Hi,
    You can juice and strain and clean away in ten mins.
    You must be a goddess or the world record holder in speed juicing.
    It always brings a smile to my face whenever anyone talks about a juicer and it is deemed crucial that it is done at bionic speeds.
    More seriously, I have a third or is it fourth generation Hurom Slow Juicer from Wholistic Research. It is a revelation, but you must not force or put items in whole. You must prepare the veg and fruit and you must strain it if you want three desert spoons of final pulp removed, as I do.
    There was a major forum frenzy in the U.K. and in America on Amazon about people forcing the original machines and breaking them. The Hurom’s are now free of troubles as far as I know, but if you overdo anything you may regret it. Slowly slowly and all that.
    Having to take the whole thing apart if the reverse won’t cure the problem ( I assume the new machine has one ) will not make you happy.
    After juicing with these new machines you will still be in contact with your juicing arm, whereas before it felt like Henry Cooper had ripped it off. That reason alone is a reason to change to the new way.
    A year from now you may struggle to even buy an old style juicer. Change is afoot.

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    • Hi Neil 🙂 I wasn’t kidding about the 10 minutes thing. I’m not going for any world speed records – BUT will say that after years of religious daily juicing I was starting to find it more and more of a chore, so this new juicer has been a godsend. I love that I can decide I want a juice and be drinking it within 5 minutes instead of 15.

      I did hear that there were teething problems with the earlier generation Huroms. I have it on good authority that those are ironed out now – as you seem to be saying too.

      I now struggle to understand why juicers were designed horizontal when gravity-assisted vertical is just so much quicker and easier, so like you I wouldn’t be surprised if the old style soon becomes obsolete.

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  • I wanted to buy a Hurom but my friend has it and there is so much pulp in the juice that she spends 5 minutes straining the juice. What do you think about the Angel juicer? I know it is expensive but we juice daily more than liter of juice every day some days two or three liters, so I need really good machine. Please if you know any pros or cons about Angel let me know. Thanks

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    • Hi Sam – I’ve never owned an Angel juicer, but a good friend of mine has one. She swears by it – says it’s very reliable and makes very high quality juice. The only thing is, it’s quite slow as it’s (1) a horizontal twin gear juicer and (2) her model has a smaller feeding chute than the Hurom, meaning more time chopping up the produce before feeding it through. If speed is an issue I think you might find it quicker to use the Hurom and strain. But if you don’t fancy that and speed isn’t so much of an issue, then the Angel could be a good choice for you. It definitely makes high quality juice, and it looks beautiful!

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  • Do you know what kind of model she has? Cause the smaller model has smaller feeding chute. I have read many review that it should have 50-100% more juice yeald than any other juicers. That’s why I want to buy that it will pay for itself in near future and also it should extract much more mineral than other juicers according to test. You know when I pay for organic veggies I want all that minerals in juice and many juicers ca not break down cellulose and get it from it as angel juicer. What do you think about it?

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  • After reading this article my sister persuaded me to buy a Nutri Squease instead of the Omega vert we have for our cafe and she has in her home. The main reason was price, as the Omega is about ¬£100 more. I couldn’t be more disappointed. It is extremely annoying machine to use, and having had one that is a total dream to work with on a daily basis, I am very unhappy with the way it (doesn’t) work. Mainly due to the fact that it keeps getting blocked so you have to keep taking it apart to unblock, especially if you are juicing a pear or other soft fruit, most of the juice comes out in the pulp, or even more frustratingly out the top of the feeder as it can’t pass through the filter. I don’t assume to understand why it isn’t working correctly but the main difference other than the overall shape seems to be the speed of the motors, the Omega is slow and quiet, where as the NS is faster and quite noisy. Since I use the Omega daily for our cafe I know what a good juicer should be able to handle and unfortunately this is not one of them. I am surprised you are so in favor of them as I have since stopped using mine and am trying to send it back to the manufactures. For anyone thinking of buying one, my advice is to spend the extra and get the Omega vert as it is by far a superior machine.

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  • I am very unhappy with the Nutri-SquEASE Juicer I bought a few months ago.
    From the first time in use it was difficult to take apart for cleaning and within a few weeks it seized up completely so I had to spend £15.00 postage to return it to Wholistic Research. That seems to be solved and the pulp is nice and dry but the juicing screen keeps getting blocked and has to be taken apart to clear after very little juicing so i have gone back to using my Champion juicer. I would return it if I could because I am not happy with it.

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  • hi sarah
    I have been using this juicer daily since I bought it from a friend, almost new last November. This morning just as I finished juicing it went pop and now will no longer work. On reading your updated comment I wondered if this was a common problem? Thanks

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