The dark side of alternative cancer treatment

In this 25-minute documentary, a journalist goes undercover to investigate alternative cancer clinics in Mexico.


  • At least someone exposed the dark side of so called “alternative” treatment.Ôº©have a friend who trusted this treatment, for 2 years, now she has stage IV breast cancer, fungating cancer wounds. Just a few days ago, the wounds were bleeding so much she went to ER, and has now agreed to do conventional treatment. I just hope that she still has time. I hate the word alternative. It stands for scam. Be aware. Regulations should be in place to help people make wise decisions.

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  • I’m so sorry to hear of your friend’s experience, Luguo, and hope that the new course of treatment will work for her. You raise some interesting points and I am going to reply to this one as a separate post.

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  • As with all things ‘alternative’ you never really know which eway is up.
    Likewise with conventional approaches as well, some of the time.
    If I am allowed to get a laugh from the short documentary, it would be this.
    The Doctor who was arrested and given a jail term, well he couldn’t even keep his own feet on the right side of the border. What chances did he have of keeping diseased cells from running amok in other peoples bodies…….

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    • I agree Neil – it’s very hard to know. I’ve seen a lot of people go the conventional route and a lot of people go the alternative route, and in both these groups some have done well, others not well.

      With all I have seen and read I would say the most important thing for anyone with cancer (or for that matter any health challenge) is to educate themselves, take charge of their health, make themselves and their health their first priority, and take a truly and fully holistic approach. So don’t just change diet and/or do one treatment, but realise that everything and everyone in your environment is affecting your health either positively or negatively, and find out how to make the best choices in all areas of life. It is also essential to have a partner or close friend who is supportive of those choices and will cheer you on.

      I know you didn’t ask me that question here, but that’s what your first two sentences brought up for me.

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  • So you think the several thousand dollars they are charging is terrible for something that supposedly “DOSEN”T” work.
    Have you been to a American hospital lately???? For a service, cancer. Their sucess rates are way lower than alternative sucess rates. But the cost of the American unsucessfulness dosen’t bother you because you won’t pay because your insurance co. does.

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    • Hi Alex! If you were to do a search for “cancer” on this website, you would see that every other article I have written regarding cancer treatment highlights the very issues you mention. I feel very strongly about the health risks associated with conventional treatments – and all the misinformation that makes them appear safer and more effective than they really are.

      Still, sadly there ARE practitioners in the alternative health world who prey on the desperation of cancer patients, and get rich doing so. Just because we recognise the issues with conventional treatment doesn’t mean we can’t also acknowledge issues with alternative treatments – on the contrary, we must.

      It’s not meaningful to say that success rates of alternative treatments are higher than conventional. WHICH alternative treatments? And where are the stats re success rates coming from?

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