Hi Sarah I would like to ask you your opinion …

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Hi Sarah

I would like to ask you your opinion on barley in miso and gluten. I have 3 years old fermented miso with barley and chickpea. I just wondered if gluten in it is problem or no. I do not have any health issues, just avoid soy and gluten

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The magic of miso
Thank you so much for your response

The magic of miso
I know but may be when it is fermented it is easy to digest for body. Do you use barley miso or no?

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I am from Europe and even my grand grand grand mom enjoyed fermented veggies, it is very traditional here. I myself eat fermented veggies everyday. I would like to ask you, do you suggest I take a probiotic supplement even when I eat fermented veggies daily? I take every morning on empty stomach supplement too, but just wonder if I could not have it enough from food. Or to include miso soup every day (I eat it several times a week). Thanks a lot.

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