Thank you Sarah for writing this article…… I feel it …

Comment on Why very high fruit diets are a *disaster* for most of us by Sofie.

thank you Sarah for writing this article…… I feel it very important to inform people of a high fruit diet like the 80/10 /10 and the danger it can cause to the health …

for me I began to eat raw food 12 years ago because I was very ill and I read every raw food teachers books and tried a lot of raw food diets – I could not tolerate nuts and green juices was too cleansing for my body and when I found the 80/10/10 diet it changed my life – for the better . I became better and better and more and more full of energy and my health improved very much .

Before I was allergic to everything and I ate very limited kinds of foods and on a cooked vegan diet I could not tolerate fruits at all – I had candida and all kinds of health problems .. I thrived very well many years on 801010 diet and wrote with many people around the world to learn more and I knew some was feeling well on the diet but many was (at least in the beginning).

then almost 6 years into this lifestyle it changed. I was hungry all the time , mood changes if I did not eat enough (or I told myself like others on the diet that it was because I did not eat enough calories – which I did but I needed to eat a lot ) – if I did not eat often I would feel tied or low in energy etc …. but because this diet had literally saved my life I could not imagine me eating otherwise … I could not relate my more and more stressed down body to the diet – and what should I do … I combined it with many supplements and so… I would say that I broke down with stress before I realised -and wanted to admit the honeymoon on the diet was over…

It took me some years to heal from it and are still healing . with lots of green juices , algaes and so and I am still learning – eating raw goat cheese, coconut oils, salts etc … helped and so on but I am feeling better and better and now I have begin to be able to eat little fruits again and not feel tired or drained but I get more hungry when I do ….now I thrive on a higher green diet and never feel the lows an highs and not the hunger for tons of food …. only when I eat more fruits I feel more drained …… sooo I do not yet have the very high energy I had in the very beginning of the diet but I feel more grounded and stronger in another way – more balanced ….

I have during the years as Sarah also write met many 80 1010 diet people and most of those have a need of eating all the time during the day or if they skip a meal they feel so low in energy or mood and others who also get ill from the diet …. I wish that people are more open about learning from each other – what might work for some years might not work long term.

If I had read your article or been aware of the symptoms that might come with this diet before it got me stressed down then it could have saved me for being stressed down and ill again …. the worse thing is also to admit that a diet that made you so healthy and vital (that no other diet ever did) could at the same time later on have a negative effect on you health (even though I knew people who were not thriving on it )… I had many excuses before I “wanted” to realise it was the hight amount of fruits my body could not tolerate anymore

……so again Sarah thank you so much for sharing – I like you know few people I can say thrive on this diet – many are doing great very great some years – it is their lifestyle – their life, future and friends and it is a very very nice social environment to be in – everyone are so happy and sweet so it is not only the diet you have to give up when you realise it is not working – it is all what you have been a part of but we kind of “ow” each other the truth so we all can learn how we can thrive more fully – so be aware what might work very well for some years might not work for you the rest of your life …. and start learning from others – start sharing .

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