Ahhh this is perfect thank you for this, this is …

Comment on The top 12 health benefits of green tea – and the best kind to choose by Izzy.

Ahhh this is perfect thank you for this, this is perfect for me! I must admit, I’m a little bit of a tea rookie I can’t lie, but my best friend ADORES all different teas and tea leaves and everything, and I’m trying to find her a good birthday present, hence I’ve found myself here! I really want to get her a tea related present as I know she’d LOVE it. I’m just wondering really what the best teas to get would be? I know she likes oriental teas as she was talking about them the other day, so does anyone have any suggestions at all? I need all the recommendations so please hit me up with some haha!

I know she likes the flavoured ones like berries and lemon and things like that so anything along those lines would be great if anyone knows any interesting and exciting flavours! I want to get some really fun ones for her to try! Also in terms of green tea (definitely getting her some of that – she’s obsessed haha) am I better getting her a tea bag version or leaves? Is there a difference in taste? Is it down to simply personal preference? Or is one more special than the other? Again please hit me up with any advice or recommendations you may have as I’m far from an expert on this type of thing! Also are there any special biscuits that go with green teas etc? I would quite like to get her a full little tea set little thing, so biscuits would be quite a nice touch 🙂 Anyway sorry for rambling haha – like I said – would love to hear people’s recommendations and advice! Thank youuuuu everyoneeee!