Really great read thank you , I admit when I …

Comment on Diet guidelines for the Highly Sensitive Person by elena.

Really great read thank you , I admit when I first came to the page and saw raw, I thought oh no not a go raw thing. As you say raw just throws me for a loop! Green tea oh I had a terrible reaction with that after a health educator told me to try it.My father found me 2hours after I had had a cup of green tea hanging on to the garage door , trying to run away from home ( yes I am an adult !!)but hearing a house in the next street being knocked down I thought the FBI and the CIA where trying to kill me with bombs. Seriously and I do not even live in the US. He took me in put me to bed and when I woke up 5 hours later I had a terrible hangover, but was in my right mind again. Could I ask what magnesium oil you would use please. I have tried two one peeled my feet to bits, later discovered there was soy in it that had not been declared on the label. The other one knocked me out, I later was told an ingredient in it could be very hard for sensitive people to detox. So just wondered what you would suggest please ? Thank you for such interesting info

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