Thanks for this. I read the book a few months …

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Thanks for this. I read the book a few months ago, and it was a revelation. So I am not a melodramatic fusspot, but someone who sennses things more strongly than others as part of my makeup. Phew! Understanding the positive side of sensitivity helps. A little.

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Win a copy of Karen Knowler’s new book: Eat Right For Your Personality Type
My initial reaction when I see a restaurant menu is ‘OMG is there anything I can eat’. I will look at the salad option(s)(iceberg and tomato?), ask for more detail, find out if they can add avocado, and wonder if I’ll add a jacket spud to bulk out the raw food.
Restaurants are easy. They don’t tempt me much unless there are lots of organic vegan options. My real danger is buffets where friends have lovingly made wholesome food, beautifully spread out before me. My response to food is very visual.
Now I’m off to take the quiz!

Is this potentially harmful substance lurking in YOUR nutritional supplements?
Hi Sarah, glad to get another pithy report from you. yes, I assumed magenesium stearate was a useful source of magnesium!
Is it permitted in organic supplements? And if so, does being organic, and therefore relatively pesticide-free, reduce its toxicity?

Diet guidelines for the Highly Sensitive Person
Hi Sarah
Stumbled on this after reading about the Raw vegan village fiasco. I read the book about being highly sensitive a few months ago and it was an eye opener. But I hadn’t thought about how to apply it to my raw diet.
After reading your blog it will be easier for me to resist the pressure to follow the 80.10.10 diet. Now I know why I need my fat!
And I will be more consistent about taking chorella.
I find all your articles so wise! Many thanks

Can we really trust the word raw on food labels?
Yes, the raw food diet is mainly about fresh fruit and vegetables, but it’s hard to make much money from them, so as in every other field of life, there are people trying to persuade us that superfood powders, crackers, snack bars and chocolate are an essential part of the raw lifestyle.

I’ve never understood the hype around raw chocolate. Yes, I eat it occasionally, but not trying to kid myself that it’s really good for me! And now it seems a lot of it wasn’t actually raw anyway.

If only those who want to profit from the raw food movment would be content with selling us juicers and recipe books, and stop trying to convince us that manufactured foods are superhealthy. If it doesn’t rot, it isn’t alive. Perhaps those of us who are fed up with all this should abandon the ‘raw’ label completely, and focus on ‘living’ foods instead.