Thanks, Jacqui. That’s what it’s all about. For many years …

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Thanks, Jacqui. That’s what it’s all about. For many years this went on over my head, but I now see very clearly that because the raw movement attracts so many gentle, good, genuine, trusting people – many (though by no means all) of whom are also quite damaged and vulnerable and very ‘easy targets’ – it has also attracted those who are pursuing a selfish agenda – often money-related – and need ‘gullible’ people to take advantage of in order to do that.

As you allude to, I imagine this is true of any movement that attracts the gentle, sensitive souls this one does. And I don’t say the word ‘gullible’ in a derogatory way, and by the way also include myself in that for the first years I was on this path.

Answering you has made me realise I need to add this to my article (can’t do it now, but soon): I have actually seen disturbing instances in this movement where adults are being BULLIED by other adults and extremely twisted situations have arisen. The bullies have honed in on sensitive souls and appear to be controlling them with fear.

It’s highly disturbing and I find it unspeakably sad that some on this health/consciousness path are so lost they are doing this to others – and that those others are lost enough they are allowing it. MOST of us on this path believe in truth, honesty and integrity. MOST of us see the importance of living in a way that supports the greater good rather than just our own – it’s time for us to all unite and support each other in this.

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An overlooked essential for health and happiness
Thanks, David. I can’t claim to be “perfect” in this regard either but I know I always appreciate it, too, when I comment on an article and the author replies, so it’s on the list of new year’s resolutions ๐Ÿ™‚

An overlooked essential for health and happiness
Wow – thank you so much, Paz, for this wise and insightful comment. I agree with every word. There is so much confusion around this but you cut right through it with that! In appreciation, Sarah

An overlooked essential for health and happiness
Thanks SO much Anna. And thank you for your own bravery and for all you are doing.

I would much rather write about positive things. And I’m well aware of the concept that we should just focus on the positive. There’s a lot of truth in that but it can be taken to extremes and sadly used to allow people who, as one person put it, “speak our language but are not one of us” to come into the raw community and run roughshod over others – all the while talking about love and light.

I just want to clarify again that I am talking about *a minority* here – I would not want anyone to think otherwise.

Thanks again for all YOU do! x

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Thank you, Daniel. And agreed. Fellow Dr Fuhrman fan here ๐Ÿ™‚

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Hi Nina,

Thank you so much for sharing that.

Yes, it is devastating to miss the love of a father.

And it’s not made any easier by the fact that this is so little talked about and understood.

But for what it’s worth, in the four years since I began writing about this topic I’ve heard from SO many women who feel just as you do.

That’s why I started my free email series on the father-daughter relationship, which is designed to answer the very questions you posed, and which I see you’ve signed up for. I hope you’ll find it helpful.

Thanks again for the share.

Sarah x

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That’s wonderful to hear, and thank you so much for the share.

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Great to know, Shelda! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Thank you for commenting, Miriam. I’d forgotten that I recommended agave in this article and I’ve made a note to revise it, as I have since revised my views โ€“ย very much in line with what you wrote, in fact! I blogged about that here: I still consider brown rice syrup a great choice since it’s essentially fructose free. As for research on the impact on emotional and mental wellbeing of consuming a high-sugar diet, I couldn’t agree more! And I personally think that what’s come out on this so far is just the tip of the iceberg ๐Ÿ™‚