Completely agree: it isn’t spiritual to look the other way. …

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Completely agree: it isn’t spiritual to look the other way. Boundaries are always important. The whole Universe consists of boundaries and laws ~ reap what you sow.
Keep speaking up, Sarah.

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Why we must educate our children about meat
Pretty sad reading….I’ve been vegetarian/vegan for forty years. I realised at FIVE years of age that it was NOT ethical to eat meat. I realised it from within, not from what anyone else told me.

My interview with Sally Roberts – and emergency appeal for Neon
Such a sad story, and my heart really goes out to them.

Hard-hitting new investigative report asks “Raw gurus: can you trust them?”
Great that this information is finally being made public. Thanks, Sarah.

The magic of miso
Thanks for this reminder ~ I always have jars of miso in the house, but one of my daughters drinks it like water 😉 and I forget to make it, though I often add it as flavouring to meals. WIll start to make myself soup regularly. 😉 Have had loads of lovely feedback about your awesome macrobiotics article in The Mother magazine.

When raw gurus give dangerous advice
I know of a raw food guru who prescribes a banana only diet for kids who aren’t into raw foods and for pregnant women who have morning sickness….Hmmmm.