No guessing which fast food chain this was! Given that most …

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No guessing which fast food chain this was!

Given that most burgers and other ‚Äòunidentified fake food stuff’ have to be thrown out less than 30mins after their making, it beggars belief why so many preservatives and chemicals need to be added. I suppose the individual parts that make up the ‚Äòfrankenfood’ could be months or even years old. There should be warning labels on these fast food items, “warning, please consume within 10 mins or this burger will self destruct!”. This ingredient list is so insane, it reminds me that we all need to be vigilant in this sick society we live in and not ‚Äòfall asleep at the plate’!

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society” Kirshnamurti

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The Raw Vegan Village: your reaction
I think it was a little unfair of the ‘raw food promoter’ who contacted other leaders in expecting them to get involved and some how stop Storm. It was not their place to assume responsibility to intervene. There could have been other reasons too like the psychological ‘bystander effect’, fear of legal backlash, and not wanting to get involved because it was just none of their business. I remember seeing a documentary on Bernie Madoff and many people later came forward (ie. financial investors/advisors) who did smell a rat and suspect a ponzi scheme, but kept away from him because they didn’t have full proof and one person who did speak out about him was practically shot down in the financial community. People have many reasons why they don’t get involved with what doesn’t concern them. I think it’s a little unfair to judge that.

A cautionary tale: the “Raw Vegan Village”
If there was an awards night representing the raw/vegan community then Sarah would win the ‘best investigative journalist’ award hands down! I was shocked at Storm’s comment about your work referring to it as “your petty little nit-picking article”, his attempt at minimizing your report is nothing short of intimidation and gives us an insight into how he deals with people and his attitude towards them. Congratulations Sarah on your courage and professionalism in writing this article, may you continue to share the TRUTH with others.

A cautionary tale: the “Raw Vegan Village”
Why hasn’t a lawsuit been brought against this ‘Bonnie & Clyde’ couple? I feel sorry for their kids, they are the real victims here.

Why very high fruit diets are a *disaster* for most of us
Thank you for writing this article. Hopefully it will help others trapped in the high fruit diet prison to let themselves out and find a more balanced way to eat and live. It will be a relief for many but difficult for most who will need to give up their idealism and fundamentalism when it comes to food. I have met many ‚Äòhigh fruit’ proponents, who constantly cheat, eating far too much fat, chocolate and cooked foods. Why do they continue to deceive themselves and struggle to maintain the diet? Like any fundamentalist belief system, once a person is married to its ideals it is psychologically traumatic to break away. The ‚Äòhigh fruit’ system gives their life structure, meaning and a place to belong socially. Most importantly the ego never wants to admit it was wrong.

How much fruit is the right amount, and how much is too much?
Sarah, thank you for your balanced views on fruit and another excellent article.

I only do well on low GI fruits, in small amounts on an empty stomach first thing in the morning when I do my exercise. I don’t eat fruit for the rest of the day and dont need to, as I’m not an athlete, I only exercise for 45mins per day. Fat (raw/plant) is an under appreciated not to mention stigmatised form of energy, good if a slow burn is needed, like for long bush walking etc.

I have met people in their mid thirties who look far too skinny and have lots of grey hair eating a high fruit diet. I even had one ‘high fruit’ coach and author over for lunch one day, she seemed starving and when noticed I had coconuts, ate the coconut flesh from 2 coconuts after her big bowl of fruit along with a cacao bar to top it all off.

I have noticed that a lot of high fruit fans pay ‘lip service’ to the high fruit diet but actually cheat a lot because they can’t maintain the diet and constantly feel unbalanced. I suppose its the price they pay for belonging to ‘cult’ like groups that encourage a high fruit lifestyle.

The high fruit diet is not our natural diet and doesn’t suit everyone, especially children, the eldery, Type 1 diabetics, pregnant/lactating women and those with serious illness/disease. Like you, I love fruit but some groups out there are too prescriptive when they say it should be our main source of energy and give percentages of how much we should eat.


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