An interesting article Sarah – but I am concerned that …

Comment on On choosing the best supplements by Peter Gray.

An interesting article Sarah – but I am concerned that you have not really done your research on Magnesium Stearate – there was research carried out on mice (do not have the same ability to desaturate fatty acids) that most people recite as evidence that it is bad for you – it is not true that research was flawed – it was using stearate NOT Mg Stearate – in fact it proved the point for vegetarians and some paleo dieticians that we SHOULD NOT be eating meat as that is where this long chain fatty acid can be found in plentiful supply, as well as in vegetable sources.
Read this article he explains it very well – and is nothing to do with Juice Plus

This started from the blog you did on Juice Plus – I am a practicing nutritionist and have been using Juice Plus personally and with very sick patients as a base line for alkalinity and bioavailable nutrient/antioxident – most dis-ease as we know it in our modern society is inflammation – Juice Plus has research proof that showed positive markers for reduced inflammation – so hence the body could heal itself – hypocrites was right??

Another comment that Juice Plus research was paid for by Juice Plus – do you know anything about research – because if you did you will know that ALL research companies are paid to do the work – what is not expanded upon is the amount of involvement that money entails – all drug companies have personnel continually in touch with the researchers thats why we get some dubious results where the product is pulled down the road – after doing some major health harm. Juice Plus has no further involvement other than Supplying the double blind samples and costs – all that is asked for is a copy of the results when completed. So far Juice Plus has over 31 peer assessed -(gold standard) research papers – please tell me any other nutraceutical product ( and I use many in my clinic ) that can give that undertaking.

Also should I add here that Juice Plus has been around for over 20 years – how long have some of the companies you mention been around – and do they have research to back their claims.

In the 4 years I have been using Juice Plus for myself – my family and my patients I have hundreds of success stories – there may be the odd one or two who’s body is not able to accept the very powerful detoxing effects of this pure food and give up – that is not the fault of the product – thats like saying some people are allergic to tomatoes so we will ban them – sounds silly but it is happened with laws from the EU banning herbs – basically from one case that was used to drive the bill through – so silly?????

You also make the comments about the money – I do it, and so do many other naturopathic therapists, because they want to see people well and this is a simple way to get all the bio available nutrients that the body understands and can absorb to run this very intricate machine we walk around in.

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