Every body literally is different, and will react differently. …

Comment on The amazing benefits of fasting by Dominique.

Every body literally is different, and will react differently. Because one is uncomfortable with certain symptoms does not mean that all people will have the same symptoms. I’d say if you are inspired to clean your body, go in knowing that there will be discomfort to some degree and again only depends on how clean ones life style is before starting. So I would recommend a cleanse. Simply be aware that the body will react sometimes in strange ways while it tries to balance itself. If that means gaining weight due to a full colon and the inability to have a bowel movement or gaining weight because there is a metabolic imbalance that is working to resolve itself. Some might rid their bodies of old material and feel elated and clean with no extreme side effects. The point is to keep moving in the direction of getting the body clean and in the process you will learn about your body, your health, your state of mind, etc. So, again, I do recommend a deep cleanse for everyone with the caveat that your body may not initially respond as is being promoted but know that eventually you, too, will get there if not at the start.

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