To raise awareness is of course the only reason to …

Comment on Raw vegan couple to highlight benefits of lifestyle by running a marathon a day for a year by neil.

To raise awareness is of course the only reason to be undertaking such physical activity…And good luck to them.

However, I am not a fan of pushing the body to extremes.

I work at a posh school and know of people who have trained for and rowed in the boat race amongst other very physical pursuits and have lived to pay the price. Hip replacements and very bad knees amongst other things.

I hope common sense kicks in or enough publicity is achieved long before they are crippled.


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Why we must educate our children about meat
Hi Sarah,
Whilst answers 1,3,4,and 5 are the most ammusing of the lot, I think what we have to remember, is that they are teenage answers.
In other words, children.
You don’t say how old, but I feel a bit iffy laughing at a thirteen year old for example.
Lord knows what I was pontificating at that age. Sometimes I’m self concious and ashamed of what I occasionally come out with now for goodness sake.
You say that you wonder what the students are taught in school. Well I’m not aware of any class anywhere that teaches about animals and food or veggie or vegan alternatives. Nothing while I was at school and I would be shocked if anyone seriously covered it now. And when I say seriously, I mean, honestly, as opposed to the way, let us say that a government minister would lay down the ‘facts’.
We all know that raw food, veggie food, vegan food and let’s not forget living food (sprouts etc ) will always be the most miniscule of areas and that most people will either never have heard of them, never be interested in them and even if they are taken up by some, will struggle to stick to them and come a cropper.
Even Dr Thomas Lodi says that some people he treats for cancer do better on a little dairy or meat than they appear to do on a strictly vegan diet.
The world is a hard cruel place a lot of the time, and whilst certain people can do their bit to try to improve matters, I see the future with just as many problems and issues as the past.
We may one day not eat animals, but this will not be through ethics. It will be through some disaster that will radically change everything and then the populations will be forced onto a different approach.
Who knows what. Maybe three blue pills per day and like it.
Keep well,

A formula for maintaining vibrant health – doctor approved!
Out of all the people that populate the raw and living food world, and for whatever reason, Dr Lodi has always seemed one of the more realistic, trustworthy and sane. Although I could be wrong of course.
If you were to take just half of what he says in to your life, then you would be doing very well indeed I would suggest.

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