Yes of course there is organic magnesium stearate. It’s …

Comment on Is this potentially harmful substance lurking in YOUR nutritional supplements? by truthseeker.

Yes of course there is organic magnesium stearate. It’s made from non-GM, organic palm or coconut oil that has not been modified or hydrogenated.

If you eat wholesome foods you probably consume thousands of grams, GRAMS, not milligrams, of magnesium stearate per day in your diet.

As with anything under the sun known to be good for a human body, that all depends on the dose of that substance. Water as we all know is essential to life, but you’d have to drink gallons a day before you’d die of that dangerous chemical. H2O kills people all the time. There is not a day when I don’t hear of someone drowning.

You’d have to eat, or breathe, or inject, an impossibly large dose of magnesium stearate to experience the quick onset of death water can bring, provided you’re a healthy individual to begin with.

But to eat enough to kill you would be a impossible feat. Yet to eat enough to make you feel unwell is easy. You’ve probably done that many times over at your family Thanksgiving dinner.

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