Great Article. It was helpful. I once tried a high …

Comment on Why very high fruit diets are a *disaster* for most of us by sweet301.

Great Article. It was helpful. I once tried a high fruit diet and I felt exactly as you described; constantly hungry and I’m not highly active either so that wasn’t good. I never had intentions to be fully raw so when I had my curry chickpeas and rice with a raw kale salad for dinner I felt energized and great. I still love my fruit but I don’t try to eat 15-20 servings in a day.

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The price of “beauty”, by Natalia Rose
Another great article. I’ve never been one to shellack myself with loads of beauty products but I did wear them. I recently started to get chest congestion and bouts of coughing when applying a popular Bath and Body brand. I stopped immediately. I did find a great natural alternative that uses essential oils and plant extracts that smell great and don’t make me ill.

I Can no longer wear eyeshadow because they irritate my eyes and I’ve been using natural and organic soaps and deodorants for several years now. I guess it was time to toss the lotions since I’d been using natural everything else. The most toxic beauty products I still use is hair remover ( once every 2-3 months) and lipstick ( 3-4 times a week).

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