This article rhymes with my health situation as well. In my …

Comment on Why very high fruit diets are a *disaster* for most of us by OK.

This article rhymes with my health situation as well.
In my teen years I’ve been in sports and ate a lot of fruit and other sweets. I felt fine except for acne. But in my 40s I found that fruit spikes my insulin uncontrolled.
Another similar experience is true to this article is that after jogging and exercising, I can eat fruit without spiking my insulin. Now I understand it better. Sugar is consumed by the body much faster after exercise – before blood sugar level spikes and before a lot insulin is needed.
I also believe that fruit diet is not sustainable. Just go to the health food store and see the level of impatience of people there. I assume they eat too much fruit and no fat. Another is high fruit eaters on youtube, talking about high irritability there as well. Not to mention, I’ve never seen high fruit eater that is over 50 talking the same tune on youtube. High fruit diet just leads to a health disaster and uncontrollable appetite.
This article gives a lot to learn and use to improve one’s health.

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