Sorry to read that, Ann, and thank you for sharing …

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Sorry to read that, Ann, and thank you for sharing x

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Why very high fruit diets are a *disaster* for most of us
Hi Bob ‚Ä쬆I’m sorry to hear about your wife. Many people regain their health simply by cutting down their fruit consumption to healthy levels and eating a wider variety of whole foods. If that doesn’t sound like the right path for your wife (due to the length of time she’s been on the fruit diet, her symptoms, or if she’s unsure what to eat) then I’d recommend consulting a practitioner who can offer guidance. Sending you and your wife good wishes!

Why very high fruit diets are a *disaster* for most of us
Hi Corey! With respect, I’m wondering whether you read my article, because several of the things you object to in your comment are things I didn’t actually write 🙂

I agree with the majority of what you wrote.

The main thing I would disagree with is that we can eat as much fruit as we like; and I write that as someone who used to agree with you 100% on that!

The thing is, our bodies aren’t designed to process the amount of sugar we get if we follow a diet that’s high in sweet fruits.

We think of fruit as a natural food – which it is in some ways – but we forget how recent it is that humans were able to consume fruit the way we now can.

Our ancestors didn’t have year-round, unlimited access to the mega-sweet fruits we take for-granted today. They had what was available seasonally; which, where I and most of my readers live, meant no fruit for many months of the year. In addition, most varieties of sweet fruit now have several times more sugar than they ever did naturally, due to selective breeding.

Of particular concern health-wise is the fructose content of many modern fruits – something I wrote about here.

Thank you for sharing those insights and observations and I wish you all the best on your path to ever-better health!

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A cautionary tale: the “Raw Vegan Village”
Mine too, Amie. Thank you for the share, and for your kind words x

Is this common deficiency sabotaging YOUR health?
Hi Katie,

The 20g of carbs to which you limit yourself is not just a low carb diet but a *very* low carb diet – and my site is *not* a low (nor very low) carb diet site. While I appreciate the good reasons for limiting carbs and that of course it is very easy to overdo them, in my opinion, the negatives of restricting them to that extent far outweigh any positives.

There’s the stress and difficulty of keeping carb intake at such a low level, and all the healthy food options it cuts out (including the severe limits it puts on *fruit and vegetable* consumption – as illustrated so well by your comment). *Plus* the fact that anyone restricting carbs that much must by definition be getting a very high proportion of their calories from protein and/or fat. And there’s more convincing evidence that both of those might have negative health outcomes, than that increasing carbs to say 150g a day – still a low/restricted carb diet – would.

You say that you can’t have more than 50g of kale per day because of carb content, and that a person would have to be “crazy” to consume lentils, chick peas or brown rice… After falling into orthorexia in the past, what now seems crazy to me – as well as unhealthy – is that level of fear about eating moderate amounts of whole, natural foods.

As important as good nutrition is, we’re nourished not only by foods but by our emotions and relationships. As humans, we’re a highly adaptable species and can thrive on many different whole food diets. But we can’t thrive without joy and meaningful connections with others. And the reason I bring that in is that I know that at those times when I was preoccupied treating my diet like a stressful and complex mathematics puzzle that I had to get “right” every day – the times when I might have written a comment like the one you did – that took up so much time, energy and “bandwidth” that I had a lot less of those things available for connecting deeply with others and/or experiencing true joy.

And on those occasions when I was doing that in order to “balance the books” on a restricted carb regimen, we can add to that the physical, mental and emotional stress I so clearly remember experiencing, when trying to exist on a carb intake that was way lower than my body (and I would say most people’s) could happily sustain. And I’m talking there about times when I was trying to limit my carbs to no more than 100g a day.

This is genuinely meant to be helpful – to you and anyone else who might be reading it. You might not experience it that way and you might also disagree with every word! I’m unable to engage in further debate about those places where our opinions differ but I thank you for stopping by!

Sarah x

Is this common deficiency sabotaging YOUR health?

A cautionary tale: the “Raw Vegan Village”
Hi Luna,

Last I heard no one who lost money ever received it back. If anyone reading this knows differently, please comment!

Sarah xo

Is this common deficiency sabotaging YOUR health?
Hi Carol!

Thank you for the lovely feedback!

The sun dried tomatoes can be either kind.

Sarah xo

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