Another article to add to the confusing mess of articles …

Comment on Why very high fruit diets are a *disaster* for most of us by Corey.

Another article to add to the confusing mess of articles relating to what you should and should not eat.

It’s not black and white, you should eat fat or you should eat sugar. I am starting to come to the conclusion that a diet that is high in both fat and sugar will cause negative effects. If the diet is high in fat and low in sugar that can work and if the diet is high in sugar and low in fat that can work too. Not all fats and not all sugars are created equal. Sugars from plants e.g fruit and vegetables you can eat as much as you like. In general my understanding is you can eat as much plant matter as you want. Cutting out the meat and processed foods are the key. No meat, bread, cereals or anything that has an ingredient with a numbers in it :P.

I personally tend to take things to the extreme when I find the next ‘new’ thing and I am starting to arrive at the golden middle way. My diet is entirely plant and milk product based and I have been taking a high amount of coconut oil. I have a candida outbreak which I believe is caused from too much fat causing sugar to get trapped in the blood stream. 6 tablespoons a day is too much. I think it’s about finding the right amount.

It would be great if a website could provide a well BALANCED approach to this issue.

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