I appreciate your article. I have been eating fruit …

Comment on Why very high fruit diets are a *disaster* for most of us by Jennie F.

I appreciate your article. I have been eating fruit on my breaks at work (3x a day, 5-6 days a week and at home for snacks..about 3 apples or oranges per break/snack) for about 3yrs.
In that period of time I have gained 15lbs that no matter how much exercise, I can’t lose any of it. I am also tired but can’t sleep when I do lay down.
Frustration has been setting in over the past year because I assumed I was eating “very healthy”. I eat mainly grilled chicken dishes or low sodium turkey sandwiches with fat-free mayo for dinners. For almost three years.
After reading your article I am going to conduct an experiment on my diet. I am cutting out fruit (maybe switch to carrots for snacks or something similar). I am curious to see how I feel physically and see if I can at least drop a few pounds.
Thank you for the info and a different route to choose 🙂

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