While i have all the sympathy for anyone failing on …

Comment on Why very high fruit diets are a *disaster* for most of us by Nofu.

While i have all the sympathy for anyone failing on this diet, lets look at the facts.

It works. Look at some long term examples of those living on this diet. If the diet was insuficient, this would not be possible. You would have to be pretty ignorant to believe your physiological needs are so that much different from those who eat this way.
Which is more likely ? Some among us can live on fruits alone (after often going through a long process of adaptation) while some can’t, or everyone can, but most fail to adapt?
If you beleve in the second possibility, can you tell me what’s so different about their bodies, i mean something which can be scientifically looked at.
In my experience, living on high fruit diet is perfectly possible (after a long process of adaptation). But it might not be prefered by everyone, here are the reasons why:
-it is impractical, you often need to carry your food with you, especially when transitioning, you will be hunting for calories a lot
-it is expensive, that alone excludes majority of this planet
-it is eye opening, most people don’t want to see their lives for their really are – or the planet in general, so they prefer the dosile feeling of someone “satisfied” with a good meal(they often live to eat, other than the other way around)
-it requires a substatial personality transformation, it’s not possible to keep your old life, habbits and friends, and just change this single component, some of the reasons are above, some additional are peer pressure, people often prefer to blend in, rather than stand out….

Basically, you need to be prepared to change the whole of you, and most people are already too set in their ways to go through the pain.

At the end of the day, i would say go with your instinct. Look at where you want to be, not tommorrow, not next week, but 5 years from now. And when you know, look at the people who got there by now, and try to walk the same path. Plant the seeds. Nurture them, and they will grow for you to reap the benefits later on.


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