Well Sarah I wish I would have come across your …

Comment on Why very high fruit diets are a *disaster* for most of us by Cathy.

Well Sarah I wish I would have come across your article almost 2 years ago when I started the Banana Girl diet then on to her raw til 4 lifestyle. Now I’m 30lbs heavier and paranoid as hell to stop eating tons of fruit. I have never felt energized or good on this lifestyle and they preach at us to stick with it that we’ve damaged our metabolism so badly that it might take 7 years to balance out.

I’m 30lbs overweight now from this and in 5 more years I may be seriously obese. I don’t lose weight eating fruit by day and salads and veggies at night and I know I sure don’t do better eating 2000 calories in fruit by day and another 1000 calories in cooked carbs after 4pm. I cry a lot at what has happened and I need to stop this train ride.

But now I don’t know how to eat if I do because this has been so brainwashed into my head that it’s the healthier way. I’m sure I’ve damaged my thyroid now and I’m sick and tired of this extra weight I’m supporting now. I exercise, hike and burn over 1000 calories a sitting. It doesn’t matter the weight keeps going up.

Thank you for your article. I just don’t know if it will be easy to eat differently and remove Freelee the Banana Girl from my list of eating the right way. It’s confusing because she said there are people that will try and tell you this way of eating all these fruit cals are crazy but ignore them and do it anyway for optimal health. I don’t want to go to the doctor and tell them I went from 100lbs to 130lbs by eating 2500 calories of fruit a day.

I’ve slowed down on my bananas now to 10 or less bananas a day but now I’m really packing on the fat and that is what Freelee said would happen if we started eating less fruit calories. So who wins here? I need to fix what I broke. I’m only 5 feet tall and have always had a slender build. NOT anymore. Throw out the scales she says and learn to love your newer, bigger self because after all years of yo-yo diets and poor diet is the real reason the fruit is making us large.

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