Hi Sarah, I am a subscriber to Tonya’s e-letter and I …

Comment on “Face or body” Can you have it both ways? by Phyllis.

Hi Sarah,

I am a subscriber to Tonya’s e-letter and I developed an interest in raw foods to gain a better understanding of raw vs. vegan and vegetarian.

Tonya is unquestionably her own greatest advertisement for what she teaches and advocates.

However, the “Face or Body” article was of particular significance and interest, because in December of last year, due to a minor health issue, I made the decision to transition to a meat-free, oil/fat-free, no dairy, no fish, no salt way of life. I was about 15 lbs overweight when I started.

Thiis was a commitment to live a heart healthy, whole foods lifestyle – incorporating whole grains, fruit, leafy green veggies, purified water, and exercise.

As a result, I lost 25 lbs (an excedssive amount for my petite frame); my energy level took a nose dive and I looked as though I had aged 15 years – my face was sullen and had the same emaciated look of a famine victim.

I am now struggling to gain 8 lbs back by supplementing my diet with a sugar-free vegan weight-gain product. I also had to incorporate olive oil, nuts and avocados back in order to rev up my energy.

I have no doubt that a raw lifestyle has huge health benefits, but who wants to look as though they’ve been on a 60-day hunger strike with a shrivelled and unhealthy-looking face and body?

That was my personal experience and results. In an effort to unload toxins and commit to health and wholeness…is that the price we must pay?!

Who wants to look and feel depleted and ill?

Certainly not I!

I am over 40 and I have always been in good physical condition – taking great care of myself and skin…but all of that was erased after starting this new lifestyle journey.

I am very interested in hearing your, Tonya’s, and the response of your audience to what I feel is a legitimate concern and one that cannot be remedied with celery sticks and facial exercise alone.

Thank you!

Phyllis Also Commented

“Face or body” Can you have it both ways?
Thank you Tonya for taking the time to respond with such sincere and profound wisdom.

I cannot thank Sarah enough for providing this forum and the opportunity to grow, learn and live healthy!

I thank you both for your gifts of dedication in helping us heal our bodies.

I will be forever grateful to your guidance that you’ve so generously given during this difficult period, and will keep you posted on my progress!

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Why in God’s name did these investor’s not take the time or personal effort to thoroughly investigate the Talifero’s and their claims to build green homes in this idyllic community prior to handing over such substantial down payments, and in some cases their life savings? It seems as though someone could have easily investigated whether the appropriate county permits, documents, etc., were in the public record before taking this leap of faith and trust?

We live in the Information Age where it only takes a few miniutes to check out backgrounds, personal/professional and access public records.

It’s a sad, unfortunate story for the people who put their trust and hard earned dollars into the hands of such unscrupulous individuals.

Let us always stay mindful of the sage old advice “If it sounds too good to be true…it probably is!

I wish everyone involved every success in recovering their monies.

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