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Can we really trust the word raw on food labels?
My gut feel was anti agave, from the start off. Just looking at it and tasting it evoked a huge NO from my body. Same with adya clarity.. although I DID start to doubt my intuit! as so many were raving about it. I even checked in with a couple of raw food gurus as to its efficacy.. and was assured it was good stuff. So again with cacao.. my first response was no.. but I DID get sucked up into the rah on raw choc.. but deep inside I always knew it was my mind creating a nonsense cop-out for recreational foods.
I dont feel its about being victims and being conned. WE all know. and choose to often ignore and then shoot the messenger.
I am not anti people being in abundance from their chosen livlihood – I am not anti money. I feel its a powerful energy force that can be used for good when utilised consciously and with heart and good intent..
I don’t like fear marketing.. that’s below the belt.. Ultimately what creates sustaining abundance both material and energetically is about open heart, integrity and a desire to serve and uplift others…
As I said earlier, we are EACH responsible for what we create in those who supply and sell – WE always have the choice.. and when we stop, feel and listen. WE KNOW when a food is optimal for the body in which we live or not. 🙂 xxx

Can we really trust the word raw on food labels?
Excellent Linda Joy, I enjoyed reading your comment. Re the so-called super foods. Yes they are processed, but I do feel (don’t fully know?) that we are in a time when our bodies might be needing some of that ‘medicine’ from other traditions.. Food IS our medicine, BUT medicine is ALSO our food. so the herbs and stuff can be good in moderation. The elephants travel miles to get to some mineralised clay stuff, each year. And other wild animals do seek out what now adays are commonly called ‘supe foods’ So I do feel they can have a place. BUT I object to ALL fear marketing. I came off of Dr. Mercola’s site for that reason. Great guy, lots of excellent info, heart and intent. BUT the delivery that constantly agitated fear and anxiety prompting purchase of stuff didnt sit well with me..

Can we really trust the word raw on food labels?
If we all remembered that ‘raw’ is really about fresh live energy filled foods. 🙂 As planet earth created. And the raw food choices are not really about huge amounts of dehydrated foods. raw choc, kelp noodles etc. We would feel very content.
Dehydrated foods (as yummy as they are, and I still have some sometimes) ARE NOTHING to do with the real choice for pranically alive and vibrant foods. Yes maybe???? technically the magick number on the dial is not exceeded??? and we can indulge and stuff our bodies with a wierd combo of foods and still feel okay!!! Come on guys.. WE KNOW when a food is alive and we dont need any company and or authority to say, it’s okay it’s raw!!!
Dehydrated foods ARE energetically dead and it’s our choice to eat or not.
As for kelp noodles.. WELL come on.. how did dark rich kelp turn into white translucent slush!! and be raw.. erm.. They can tell me all they like That food, all moist in its plastic clingy film container, ain’t food!!
And as for raw choc..
Its a bit like ‘raw nuts’ How many of the nuts are raw..? Are they? I dont know. In truth I am not that fussed.
Just dowsing our food will let us know.
WE need (I feel ) to step out of this modality of others saying ‘it’s okay to eat guys’ Bit like the doctor who says to patient ‘your food choices have no effect on this specific disease’ and then patient goes off quite happily stuffing cream buns. SAYING ‘owh it’s okay the doctor said!!! ‘
It’s up to US to make our conscious food choices. IF there is a huge raw food industry WE HAVE given it permission to be there. IF there is misrepresentation (which I sure there is!) we are all part of the tapestry of its presence.
WE could choose to eat or not choose to eat.
WHY are we still seeking someone elses tick of approval when we KNOW in our wisdom place that raw live and vibrant foods is about simple, and as near to mother as we can source. Have a magick filled Thurs xxxx
My intent is to invest in what WORKS not trying to fix what doesnt work.. BUT in truth I still try of course! Giggle. xxxx

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thankyou for this, will share it 🙂 x

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“I wonder if the raw food movement (if you could call it that) has moved from a countercultural position to a ‚Äòcutting-edge’ mainstream-slash-corporate position ‚Ķ and in so doing has lost its soul? ” RM yes I feel this has definitly happened and continues to happen…

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My only comment is I am NOT at all shocked by this. Way back when I first heard about it all…my gut feel was cynical and I wouldn’t have touched any negotiations with this couple with a barge pole. I feel a deep compassion for all those whose hearts trusted them.

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Thanks Sarah, excellent, just blogged it on Rainbowspace too. And emailed your blog link to several clients also 🙂 xx

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Excellent article… Took me two years to come to this conclusion. Being a firey Leo I really did radiate for a couple of years on very high fruit diet.. I was convinced it was the best ever, got deeply into natural hygiene AND the raw food elite who raved about the high fruit!!! After two years, I took a huge, heavy and depleting slump!! and it took me a good few months to find body harmony and balance again. WELL DONE for sharing. xx Ruthie

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