We have seen the scandal over raw agave nectar as …

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We have seen the scandal over raw agave nectar as being not raw after all and more so as being unhealthy because of its high fructose content. We have seen lately another scandal over Adya Clarity highly promoted by raw gurus and it turns out being a toxic product containing aluminum and high iron. Now we see raw chocolate being sold as raw while it was in fact cooked. I think we raw consumers need to trust our source of foods or not buy it until we know. Too bad to hear those bad news. It leaves me with a disgust feeling. It also makes me look inside and see where in my life I am dishonest and resolve to act with more honesty.
I am really grateful for Sarah and all the others out there who are sharing the truth and are fighting for it.
Thanks, Sarah

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I am just flabbergasted by this whole story. Thank you Sarah for divulging the truth. Storm and Jinjee are surely not honest people to start with. They try to make quick money. What a scam. I feel very sorry for the people who lost their savings and their dreams!
I would like to donate in a fund.

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