I have been watching Sarah’s expose on the raw chocolate …

Comment on Can we really trust the word raw on food labels? by Niki Gratrix.

I have been watching Sarah’s expose on the raw chocolate saga unfold with interest. I think she is doing something which seems rare in journalism these days – reporting the truth based on some good old investigative journalism.

As well as the wider ethical issues, this work will be important for all nutritional therapists like myself who believe in the power of raw food and recommend it to their clients – we can’t do our jobs effectively if we can’t make reliable recommendations based on correctly labelled food products.

As ever all of us in the “alternative” health world may be crying out for greater ethics and transparency in the pharmaceutical industry ‚Äì but we also need to embrace similar ethics and regulations in our own backyard and BE the change we wish to see in the world‚Ķ

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Thanks for this EXCELLENT article Sarah – I have not really seen this issue covered anywhere in the press – not spelling out exactly how CONSUMERS will ultimately be affected by the impact of the EU law on practitioners anyway…I’m sending the link to everyone I know!

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Great summary article, Sarah. For once we have intelligent commentary on the truth about what’s happening in the environment and how it is affecting our health in the mainstream media. Let’s hope this is a trend that continues…

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