Raw is a journey that brings us to our very …

Comment on Can we really trust the word raw on food labels? by Fiona Robertson.

Raw is a journey that brings us to our very core and makes us face ourselves and our beliefs, our emotions, addictions, health issues and mental attitude. So for me is about being totally truthful to the core. That is what we are asking for when we take responsibility for ourselves in all aspects of our life.

Yes, raw food is an industry and as such is susceptible to profiteers to make easy money at the cost of truth, out of its followers and fans. Using marketing to say what it is not, just to sell an item makes it the same as a child’s supermarket cereal that states “100% Natural” or a beauty product promising the fountain of youth, or a car that will give you sex appeal. We know don’t we not to believe this kind of advertising so why do we expect the raw industy to be any different?

A lie is still a lie in any form. Let’s not fool ourselves – raw food is now an industry

But we are also still a community and as a community we must share, open up, and support each other to be the very best we can be at this moment. That is our journey and if you are being untruthful it will be revealed.

Those of us on the raw path are after the best we can get. It is our belief and quest that we deserve no less than the Raw Truth.

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