To those who say that buying organic is a waste of money and that vaccines are safe…


“There’s no proof that organic food is better for you. It’s an expensive con.”

“Those who think vaccines are dangerous are simply misinformed. There’s no evidence they are.”

Both of the above views appear often in the mainstream media, and are held by many educated people, including doctors and scientists. But let’s take a look at these claims…

Do we really need evidence that it’s better not to consume foods laced with manmade chemicals?

And do we really need evidence that there might be some health risks inherent in being injected with a cocktail of manmade chemicals and other gnarly substances?

To look at it this way is to have it, as the saying goes, “ass backwards”.

What we need is proof that these things have no negative impact on our health. And that doesn’t exist.

For most of history, organic food was just called “food”.

Then, only around 60 years ago, the use of pesticides became widespread as intensive farming replaced time-honoured methods.

Today’s organic food isn’t 100% chemical-free as nothing on this planet is anymore.

But it does contain substantially lower levels of chemicals than conventional food.

Numerous studies have also found organic foods to be higher in essential nutrients than conventional produce.

Other studies have not shown this, and those are often wheeled out as “Exhibit 1” in the argument that organic food is a waste of money.

But many of us will happily pay the extra “only” to have food with much lower levels of synthetic chemicals. If it also has higher nutrient levels that’s an added bonus, but either way we’re ponying up those extra pennies.

There’s “no evidence” that vaccines are harmful to health?

Let’s talk about the fact that vaccine additives include aluminium, MSG, formaldehyde and mercury.

None of these substances that belong in the human body and they’re orders of magnitude more damaging when injected than if we’d ingested them.

Let’s talk about the cell cultures in which the disease agents are cultivated. Monkey kidney cells, chick embryo cells and even human foetal cells.

Children of UK parents who follow the current vaccination schedule will have 16 separate jabs during their childhood (18 for girls), and these jabs will contain a total of 38 doses of vaccine (4o for girls).

What are the silent effects of all this on their developing immune systems and bodies?

No one knows for sure.

Vaccination is an experiment that hasn’t been going on very long.

Contrary to what you might assume, it has never been proved to be safe, and as more and more shots continue to be added to the vaccination schedule, the guinea pigs in this experiment are our babies and children.

And what’s happened to children’s health during the decades since vaccination was introduced, and over the decades of increasing children’s exposure to vaccines?

Rates of autism, asthma, ADHD, depression, learning difficulties and many other manifestations of ill health in kids have increased.

Of course, correlation does not equal causation.

In the words of board-certified family physician David Brownstein, “The combined and cumulative effects of 55 shots, 209 vaccine antigens, 525 mcg of mercury and 13,425 mcg of aluminum that have been injected into a child by 18 years of age in accordance with the CDC’s 2017 childhood immunization schedule has never been examined. In fact, it has never even been questioned.”

And what are the effects on adults of the annual flu jabs recommended for certain groups, including pregnant women, over 65s and those with certain illnesses? Again, no one knows.


Manmade chemicals we’re encouraged to ingest or inject?

We don’t need evidence that they might carry health risks, because we have common sense to tell us that.

And those who laugh, and say that this stance is non-scientific?

We’re all waiting to see the scientific evidence backing up your position that pesticides and vaccines carry no health risks.

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