What I eat, by Max Tuck

Sunflower sprouts

Max Tuck is a qualified veterinary surgeon, Hippocrates Health Educator, author, athlete and long term living foods vegan. Here she outlines what she eats, and how she makes her diet work for her.

Weekdays, when working

Half a litre of water on rising.

“Breakfast” at 7:30am: a large green juice (celery, cucumber, wheatgrass, kale, lime, pea shoots and sunflower greens, and often garlic and ginger too).

A smoothie at approximately 11am: ingredients vary, but it’s often berry-based, and may feature raw tahini, green leaves and superfoods/supplements.

Lunch at approx 2:30pm: always a massive green salad, with lots of very dark leaves, such as cavalo nero, watercress, spinach, rocket and kale. In addition usually some broccoli and alfalfa sprouts, mung sprouts, buckwheat sprouts, seaweed, red peppers, broccoli, avocado, lemon and a little raw pesto.

Evening meal: I often skip this as I don’t like eating late after I’ve been to the gym or karate. If I have anything it is usually a snack such as a raw soup or small smoothie, or a few raw crackers with raw olives.

Weekends, when not working

Water on rising. Then either a green juice as above before running, or a long run with green juice after. Green juice is always very dark green – I add as many of the highly nutritious leaves and sprouts as I have available.

Breakfast after exercise (if having green juice after exercise, I wait at least half an hour before eating this): chia seed porridge. I make up some rainforest nut milk (using macadamias and Brazils). I mix this with 400ml water and 4-5 dates for sweetness. I add vanilla powder too, and this makes lovely milk. I also add my superfood supplements to this at the last stage of blending. I pour the milk over the chia seeds and stir the mixture for about 10 minutes, to allow the chia seeds to swell up to several times their size. This is a fantastic breakfast since it is high in protein and essential fatty acids, very good for athletes and keeps me full for hours!

Evening meal, usually 5-6pm, is usually nori wraps, which would have similar ingredients to my weekday salad, chopped and all rolled up into a large sheet of raw nori and eaten as-is. I generally have 3 of these, so a high intake of mineral-rich greens, which is so important.

Occasionally at weekends I have a dessert, which might be banana ice cream (basically frozen bananas run through the Champion juicer with the blank screen attachment) or frozen mango pie from Nomi Shannon’s book “The Raw Gourmet”.

My diet doesn’t change much – I love my simple food so much that I don’t feel I need any more variety. Occasionally I like to try different recipes but this will usually be if I have guests round.

I ensure that I maximise my intake of greens through juicing them daily and having green smoothies as well as my huge salads, and I do a lot of sprouting; up to 25% of my diet is sprouted food.

I have a relatively low fruit intake considering how active I am, but this suits me. I do not have any blood sugar regulation issues.

I like to follow the principles of good food combining with my meals, and prefer to eat the protein-dominant foods earlier in the day, since they take the longest to digest.

Max Tuck offers private and group consultations on the living foods lifestyle, and is available nationally as a motivational and inspiring speaker on the raw food diet and human health. Visit her Raw Food Scientist website where you can sign up for her free monthly newsletter.

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