Want optimum physical AND spiritual health? Then choose living foods, says Max Tuck


Science has shown us that every cell in the body has electrical potential, and that disruptions to this potential can cause serious illness.

The human cell acts in a similar way to an alkaline battery, with an alkaline cytoplasm and an acidic nucleus.

As opposite charges collect in their respective areas, the potential for energy flow in a cell increases. The healthiest cells have the greatest energy potential.

Healthy cells have adequate acidic and alkaline reserves, whereas cells in unhealthy decline do not.

A decreased electrical potential between the nucleus and cytoplasm causes cellular energy levels to diminish, allowing metabolic acids to accumulate, which ultimately manifests as physical disease. A drop in the electrical potential of cells is the first stage in the disease process, occurring before routine diagnostic tests can confirm any abnormality.

Living foods replenish the necessary bioactive acid and alkaline elements, keeping cellular energy high and acidic wastes low. It has been demonstrated that living foods are the only foods that can restore the microelectrical potential of the tissues once it has been weakened and subtle cellular degeneration has commenced.

Sprouted foods, such as sunflower greens and wheatgrass, supply the greatest electrical potential and enzyme levels. At the opposite end of the energy spectrum lies a “food” which is an absorber of all electrical benefit; cooked meat.

These effects have been demonstrated by Kirlian photography. Even in the absence of factory farming, many of the ancient Asian sages frowned upon the practice of meat eating since it dampens spiritual powers, raises the emotions of fear and doubt in the mind, and detracts from enlightenment.

Research shows that the most healing and health-giving foods are the sprouts and juiced grasses – for example young wheatgrass juice, when freshly made.

For optimal health, our diets should have green foods as their foundation: both sprouted greens and dark green leafy vegetables. These are the most mineral-rich foods available to us, and minerals, as well as being vital for cellular electrical balance, are the basis of our structure. Green is the colour of the heart chakra, and many of the minerals found in green leafy foods have been proven to specifically relate to heart health.

Vegetables and non-sweet fruits, in their various colours, are the next most important addition to our diet. It’s essential to have plenty of colour variety – literally a rainbow diet – to ensure you’re getting the thsouands of phytonutrients needed, each of which has a distinct and specific benefit for humans.

If we feed ourselves with living food of the highest electrical vibration and nutrient content, we can truly restore our cellular health. If, however, we choose detrimental, damaged, fragmented, processed, irradiated or chemical-laden food, we will only move in the opposite direction.

We are electrical beings, with our own electromagnetic field. Is it possible therefore that the way we interact with our world and those in it could be through electrical means? Can we interact electromagnetically with our universe? Many believe so.

By transitioning to living foods, we can observe our lives progressing through 3 phases. In Phase 1, cells are rebuilt and revitalised with electrically charged food and exercise. Noticeable benefits can be seen in a few weeks, such as improved strength, better digestion, enhanced flexibility, weight regulation, and reduced blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Through cellular regeneration, the physical make up of the body is changed, allowing even the so-called “terminal” diseases to be turned around.

Phase 2 brings emotional health, which is only realised once the physical needs of the body have been met. In this phase comes the ability to focus, the drive to create and reach goals, and a larger vision of the future. This process may take several years.

Phase 3 is the spiritual phase, which empowers who we are and where we’re going. In this phase we can progress with spiritual life because our physical and emotional needs have been met.

Eating a living foods diet brings not only personal health, but begins an awakening process which shows us the interconnection of all humans and the world we live in.

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Max Tuck is a Hippocrates Health Educator, a popular speaker at health seminars, and the author of the books Successful Fasting for Health and Vitality and Top 10 Raw Food Tips for Osteoporosis. To purchase the books or for further information, visit her website, The Raw Food Scientist.

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