At last, at last! Thank you Sarah. I have been …

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At last, at last! Thank you Sarah. I have been tellig people this for years, but it is great to finally have some good numbers to work with regarding latitudes. Roll on January in the Maldives – what better way to escape the British winter? All in the name of vitamin D top-up of course…

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The essential guide to vitamin D and the sun
A very interesting question was posed to me on this subject during a vitamin D discussion. As raw foodists, is there a chance that we might be able to better synthesise vitamin D in our skin when UVB levels are low but not absent? I do not know if any research has been conducted on this, but what is known is that with better nutrition, particularly better antioxidant status, the skin microcirculation is improved. What would be really interesting would be to compare conversion rates of vitamin D to its active form between people on a living foods vegan diet and those with similar skin tone on a normal diet. I have no idea if our level of cellular health would affect the conversion rate for a given level of UVB radiation. The problem with many studies is that they are testing the “average” person, who may be experiencing a totally different level of health from that of people who have made a conscious decision to optimise their health through nutrition and lifestyle choices. I have so far not been able to find any information on how many factors might be involved in how well ergosterol is converted to ergocalciferol in the presence of UVB light. Does anyone have any further infomation on this? It would certainly make for a great research project!

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Raw vegan couple to highlight benefits of lifestyle by running a marathon a day for a year
100% raw vegan, got the Vibrams, love running, now all I need is enough time off to do what they’re doing! What an inspiring couple!

Why I applaud Sally Roberts for challenging doctors’ decision that her son needs risky radiotherapy
A courageous stance by Neon’s mother, since it indicates that not everyone places the health and lives of themselves and their loved ones solely in the hands of doctors. It still shocks me that so many people do not have any idea what is best for their bodies, and expect the doctor to tell them. Perhaps this is why we are no closer to “curing” cancer with pharmaceutical preparations, despite the billions that are being poured into this line of research, whilst natural methods of prevention are viewed as quackery. Shocking, now, that we have reached the point where people are being criminalised for refusing “treatment” that has severely damaging side effects, whils others view it as “life-saving” and therefore the only option.
Well done Sally Roberts. One can only hope that the profile of this case will lead others to question the validity of more dangerous medical interventions, and possibly consider safer alternatives. It is up to us to educate and inform people that alternatives exist which they might like to consider. Natural intervention might not be effective in every case, and some of the more aggressive brain tumours, such as glioma in children, are particularly challenging. However, let us continue to spread the message that the body has remarkable self-healing abilities, provided that we nurture it correctly.

The sad and shocking truth about chemotherapy
This makes me want to scream. Even more so when we are subjected to this “Stand up to Cancer” stuff on TV, with (probably, because I have not seen any of it) no mention of how to reverse the condition naturally, and the truth about chemo.

Whilst recently reviewing my notes taken during my Health Educator course at Hippocrates, I noted that I had written that ALL cancer starts with the breakdown of pancreatic function, and that reduced tissue oxygenation, caused by poor lifestyles, comes a close second. I still find it staggering that respected oncologists tell patients that it doesn’t matter what they eat, and in fact that they should definitely NOT take whole food antioxidant supplements (which would actually help them to fight the disease), because they interfere with the chemo (proven years ago to be untrue).

We could wallow in despair, or we can carry on with what we are doing, in our work as educators, to help people who care about this subject to understand that there is a better way; a way that promotes health and does no harm.

With cancer now fighting it out with heart disease to gain the title of “number one killer in the Western world”, it has never been more important to continue educating ourselves in natural methods of disease prevention, and giving careful consideration to everything we put into our bodies, allopathic or otherwise. The “war” on cancer, started in 1971 by president Nixon, has been lost many times over. We are still led to believe that a cure is “just around the corner” and that if we give yet another donation to cancer research charities then we will get there faster. This is a fallacy. The cure is within us, and begins with us. It begins by taking personal responsibility for all of our actions. It begins by loving and respecting ourselves enough to only ever want to do what is best for our bodies. That’s not selfish, it is self-love.

Sarah, I feel your loss; all the more tragic because G sounds as if he could have easily afforded the Life Transformation Program at Hippocrates for example, that gives the support, food, knowledge and guidance for people to turn pretty much any disease process around.

It’s more than frustrating when loved ones choose a path that, in the same circumstances, we would not have chosen for ourselves. We see their suffering, feel their pain, and have to stand by and do nothing, because they believe they are doing the right thing for themselves. Ultimately, we have to respect that we all have a choice, and, different from ours, they made theirs.

People are listening Sarah. Do we have to shout louder? I don’t think so. Our numbers are growing. People are demanding alternatives. We just have to keep on providing the right information about them.

Love, Max.

Cancer prevention tips from Thomas Lodi, M.D.
“How strange a creature is Man, who will go to enormous lengths to preserve his life, only to harm it at the dinner table.” I think Thomas Edison summed us up as a species really, didn’t he? And how odd it is that we, who follow these health-creating regimes for ourselves, are seen as the ones who are weird by mainstream society. All we can do is share and care, and continue to be shining examples of the benefits of the regime we follow. And don’t despair. The message is getting across, albeit slowly!

What we ALL need to know about cancer treatment
Excellent stuff as always Sarah. It is so sad to hear of people accepting a gloomy prognosis – it then almost always becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. We are fortunate to know enough about just how cancer can be eliminated from the wonderful work of people like Thomas Lodi and the Hippocrates Institute in Florida. In my opinion, in most cases of cancer, this should be the mainstay of treatment, empowering people to take charge and eliminate the disease by strengthening their immune system and their personal emotional state. What a shame that people often only turn to the “alternative” treatments after all else from the conventional medical side has failed. It is no longer enough to state things such as “I don’t smoke so I won’t therefore get cancer”. We all need to increase our nutritional and emotional health at a cellular level to ensure that we remain in the 50% who do not succumb to this disease state.