The best salt ever!

Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt

Just a quick note today, to tell you about a range I am absolutely in love with as it takes every dish to new heights.

I have more enthusiasm in the kitchen than I have talent, so dinner guests oohing and aahing and begging me for my recipes? Not something I’m used to. 

But since I started seasoning with The Good Salt Company’s Culinary Range that has been happening with unprecedented regularity.

I can’t take credit, and am only too happy to share my secret, and to send my guests home with gifts of these very special mineral-rich blends of organic herbs and spices in a base of Himalayan crystal salt.

There are three varieties: 5 Elements, Hot Spiced and Provencal. The first two get my highest vote – and friends and family I’ve tried them out on seem to agree – as they’re traditional seasoning with a real twist.

5 Elements is made extra special thanks to the addition of fenugreek and kombu seaweed, while Hot Spiced gets its wow factor from nutmeg.

Order it here. 

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