I think that perhaps some people are not reading this …

Comment on Hard-hitting new investigative report asks “Raw gurus: can you trust them?” by Anna.

I think that perhaps some people are not reading this article in the detail that it deserves – people have DIED from dangerous treatment and doctors who have had their medical titles removed are STILL using them – this is shocking!

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I am so going to try this! sounds amazing!

New book lifts the lid on Big Pharma
can’t wait to read this, i purchased bad science which I didn’t like at all, as he really discredited a lot of stuff I do think has merit in the health world, but then again, if he is truly into ‘science’ then things like homeopathy dont fit the bill for scientific proof – so glad he has written this though as it could help a lot of people as he has a huge following.

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awesome!! I wanna go!

What I eat and why, by Dao Earl
Great article! Love his honesty, so refreshing – and I learnt a lot of things I never knew about too!

A cautionary tale: the “Raw Vegan Village”
Again, oh my god. This is just never ending isn’t it? I am glad these are emails are being posted here as it’s just proving that these people are incapable of ever being able to take any sort of responsibility.

By the way Jinjee its SARAH not Sara!

And YOU are the ones who took this money – that was YOUR decision. So many people losing such large amounts of money was YOUR doing so HOW can you sit there judging anyone else or accusing them of not caring about these people??!