Sarah, that’s a very interesting blog. Neatly fits in with …

Comment on Hard-hitting new investigative report asks “Raw gurus: can you trust them?” by Oliver Dowding.

Sarah, that’s a very interesting blog. Neatly fits in with some of the views I hold.

I aspire to a predominantly raw diet, the practicalities of pragmatism are unavoidable, and personal choice can dictate. Friendships also play a role in what one can realistically achieve. In the end, life is a compromise, and we do the best we can to achieve as much of what we want to do as we can. But the chances of achieving everything, well, they’re pretty remote for most of us. I congratulate absolutely everybody who is 100% raw, and maintains it, and is genuine in their claim. I know some who do, and yes, they look superb. However, they might give a little extra for soap to people than its fair, on occasion.

Some of the links, and some of the expose’s, are very interesting. The same has existed around the phenomenon of wheatgrass juice. I’ve naturally an interest as I sell it. But I’m also aware that there are people who have made some fairly extravagant claims in the past, and one has to be wary of repeating them. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t got some fantastic testimonials. Sadly, though, many of them are unpublishable, due to regulations etc. None of which means that people don’t get the enormous benefits, it’s just that you won’t find me making extravagant claims, or getting anywhere near interested in being “a guru”. Please come round and hit me over the head with a wet fish if that happens!