My December, in numbers


As I blogged here, I’ve been enjoying a spontaneous and rather super sabbatical. Here’s a brief round-up of what I’ve been up to:

Bikram yoga classes per week planned to attend during time off – 3

Bikram yoga classes actually attended, month to date – 0 (Is 45-minute drive away and have felt as allergic to car as to computer. Consoling self with thought that these are both, at least, very eco allergies to have)

Walks in the forest – 15 (Much more eco than above as doesn’t involve long drive. In ideal world would do both. Cycling to the yoga class, not driving. Though that would make Bikram yoga practice near full-time job to maintain)

Days spent transporting contents of my study from one room to another and creating a new workspace I love even more than the last one – outward reflection of positive changes made in my working life this year – 3

Hours spent transforming rest of house, too, into haven of zen-like simplicity/order, eco style and cosy comfort – 25, at a conservative estimate (I don’t spring clean, I winter clean. It’s always in December that I’m struck by the strongest urge to nice up the nest)

Carloads full of old possessions released at the recycling point – 4 (the catharsis!)

Hours spent on the phone with people I’m blessed to have in my life – countless (and so much better than communicating by email and txt!)

Online friends I was blessed to meet in person for the first time – 2

Long-lost friends who got in touch out of the blue and made my day – 1

Pieces of GREAT news heard – 1 (so excited we’re going to be neighbours, Anna! 🙂 )

Life-changing health books read that I’ll be telling you about on here soon – 3

Green juices made and drunk – 10 (after several years of religious adherence to a one-a-day rule, recently realised time had come to relax that rule – will soon be blogging about how it is that I feel healthier and more energetic as a result)

Interpretations of my astrological birth chart full of uncannily spot-on observations and insights – 1 (sincere thanks, Veronika!)

Dinner parties hosted – 3

Sets of fairy lights currently twinkling in the house – 2

Additional sets of fairy lights will need to put up before consider house suitably enchanted-looking – another 4, minimum

Fantastic eco dresses bought in time for party season – 3 (realise is not very eco to buy three, but justify it with fact that these are timeless pieces that will never go out of style)

Really good decisions made and acted on thanks to digital-detox-induced heightened mental clarity – 2

Great business ideas had thanks to same – 1

Public proud mother moments – 2 (school French play and Christmas carol concert)

Private proud mother moments – countless

Position of this December in my personal ranking of best Decembers ever – 1


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