Health, healing, and the law of cause and effect


It may seem incredible in this day and age, but the position of the orthodox medical world is that diet can’t reverse disease.

That it can play a role in preventing disease is no longer controversial.

But the notion that nutrition can heal? Completely unproven, says the mainstream scientific community.

But let’s take a look at how logical this viewpoint actually is.

What is the more likely explanation? That disease strikes at random – out of the blue – or that something causes it?

Let’s proceed from the assumption that there is always a cause behind every effect.

If this is the case, surely the most important question every doctor should be asking when faced with a case of heart disease, arthritis or cancer is what might have caused it. After all, nobody ever fell ill due to a deficiency of statins, steroids, chemotherapy nor any other pharmaceutical drug.

There is now a mountain of evidence that nutritional deficiencies are a leading cause of chronic disease, along with two other things: toxicity in the body and mental/emotional stress.

That being the case, an absolute priority in any case of chronic illness ought to be to assess the degree to which each of these three factors is playing a part and take all possible corrective measures.

Please don’t misunderstand me. I believe we are exceptionally lucky to have orthodox medical treatments that weren’t available to our ancestors.

But these treatments are overused.

Many orthodox medical treatments cause damage to the body – sometimes minor, sometimes major; sometimes reversible, sometimes not.

The holistic healing route is neither a walk in the park nor a quick fix.

But the moment you understand that everything that finds its way into your body or into your mind is affecting your health – and commit to settling for only the very best on both counts – your chance of overcoming any health challenge you’re faced with increases exponentially.

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