Happiness – in 50 simple steps


First, a great big thank you to everyone who has written in with their congratulations on my new lil’ online home. It’s small and it’s not flashy, but I’m happy here and I’m so pleased you dropped in again.

Thanks also to those of you who sent me questions. I’m sorry I haven’t yet been able to reply to everyone, but I will do soon, I promise – if not personally then right here, group-style.

Today I just wanted to post a little reminder about something that affects our health even more than what we eat – which is obviously a huge deal – and that is what we think and feel.

A gigantic body of scientific evidence proves it: our state of mind profoundly affects the functioning of our cells, and our cells function best when we are happy. Yep – when it comes to emotional state and health, bliss is best!

Yet studies also show that as a society we are less happy than ever.

Why? Because we are taught to look for happiness in all the wrong places. Many of the things we are conditioned to think will make us happy do not.

If you feel that you could use a little help in this area I have a really great resource to recommend, and that is the website of Action for Happiness.

It’s evidence-based and it’s dedicated to showing you how to achieve happiness by “putting the things that matter first”.

I highly recommend the list of 50 actions you can take. You may be surprised at some of them, but I guarantee, dear reader: this stuff really works.

Hint: half of them are about spreading the joy by doing things for others. As J.M. Barrie famously said, “Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.”

Nor, he might have added, from their cells.

More on this soon… Until then, here’s wishing you endless sunshine, sunshine. Every day and in every way.


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