Why I love Glorious soups

Sing Fling

Hi friends!

Ever get fed up of food prep?

All that peeling and chopping and stirring and dish-washing?

We all know that it’s great to make our meals from scratch but I don’t know about you; sometimes I just want the lazy, low-maintenance option.

So I was thrilled to discover the Glorious Foods range, and their amazing selection of uber-healthy soups.

Inspired by fine and flavoursome recipes from around the globe they are hands down some of the best soups I’ve ever tasted. Certainly a (giant) cut above anything you’d usually find in a soup carton at your local supermarket.

These wholesome blends are packed with vegetables, herbs and spices (among other healthy ingredients). The branding is gorgeous, clever and fun too (and I’m a sucker for that).

Hearing of my enthusiasm for their soups, the folks at Glorious kindly sent me the whole of their Skinnylicious range to sample: these are low-fat veggie soups which contain less than 150 calories per portion (though you’d never know it). You can see the super-healthy Glorious! Skinnylicious soup range here.

In short, if you love food that’s simple and healthy but with an adventurous kick, you can’t go wrong with this range. Take your pick from a trio of Indian-inspired blends, two South East Asian ones, a Tex Mex one, plus offerings inspired by Persian, Sicilian and North American cuisine.

If you put me on the spot and asked me to name my favourite Skinnylicious soup I’d have to say it’s Singapore Fling: I am properly addicted to this delicately flavoured blend of crushed tomato with coconut and lemongrass. And I’m talking “barely a day’s gone by this year that I haven’t oooohed and aaahed over a bowl” addicted.

Seriously, UK readers…head down to your nearest Waitrose now (this one soup is exclusive to Waitrose) and get yourself some.

Important side note: tomatoes are one of the best sources of potassium, a mineral that hardly any of us get enough of. We need potassium for heart health, energy and balanced mood (among many other things) and tomato-based soups and sauces give us a mega infusion of it.

Glorious also offer a range of Meal Soups but for my money the Skinnylicious soups are themselves meal soups (especially if you eat the whole pot, as is my wont).

These soups can also serve as the veggie component of a larger meal, on those occasions when you want a fresh-tasting and flavoursome main without all the kitchen labour that usually involves.

For example, any of the Indian-inspired soups (Goa Express, Keralan Calm, More Bangalore) are sensational with a side of brown rice.

And San Antonio Fiesta – “a hearty chilli sin carne soup with tomato and a four bean mix”? At Casa Best we serve it over black rice, with a side of chopped lettuce and avocado. Olé!

Waitrose, Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Ocado (among other retailers) are now all carrying selected Glorious! soups and you can view the full range of soups here.

You’re welcome 😉 x

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  • Unfortunately, Glorious Soups don’t taste very good and are quite inconsistent. A lot of the flavours like the butternut squash taste a bit like dishwater to be honest. Definitely a cut below the other box soup ranges available.

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