Hi M, Many thanks for sharing your concerns with me. I …

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Hi M,

Many thanks for sharing your concerns with me. I feel your concern and will answer your questions as best I can.

I was lucky with my son. I didn’t worry about grams of anything. I breastfed him exclusively for six months, then weaned him onto raw fruits and later added cooked vegetables, while breastfeeding for another six months, and he thrived.

But I have to stress that that was just my own experience and I can’t advise that it will work for everyone just because it worked for us, especially where there have been deficiencies.

However, as far as those who are advising you that your son needs meat, I would personally disagree with that and so would some very highly respected health authorities, including the American Dietetic Association, who have stated that it’s possible to get everything we need on a vegetarian diet.

Breast milk is the most perfect food for babies. If you’re getting that right you’re already covering most bases nutritionally, and more than you could cover with anything else you could feed your baby.

But as you have concerns and have suffered deficiencies that may be affecting the quality of your breast milk, I would strongly advise you to consult a nutritionist. You mention that you have a nutritionist – as that has not given you the answers you’re seeking, I would advise looking for a nutritionist who is both suitably qualified, and supportive of your desire to feed your son a vegetarian diet.

In hope that you will soon find the answers you are seeking,


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Thank you, Daniel. And agreed. Fellow Dr Fuhrman fan here 🙂

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Hi Nina,

Thank you so much for sharing that.

Yes, it is devastating to miss the love of a father.

And it’s not made any easier by the fact that this is so little talked about and understood.

But for what it’s worth, in the four years since I began writing about this topic I’ve heard from SO many women who feel just as you do.

That’s why I started my free email series on the father-daughter relationship, which is designed to answer the very questions you posed, and which I see you’ve signed up for. I hope you’ll find it helpful.

Thanks again for the share.

Sarah x

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That’s wonderful to hear, and thank you so much for the share.

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Great to know, Shelda! 🙂

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Thank you for commenting, Miriam. I’d forgotten that I recommended agave in this article and I’ve made a note to revise it, as I have since revised my views – very much in line with what you wrote, in fact! I blogged about that here: http://www.sarahbesthealth.com/is-agave-syrup-a-healthy-alternative-to-sugar/ I still consider brown rice syrup a great choice since it’s essentially fructose free. As for research on the impact on emotional and mental wellbeing of consuming a high-sugar diet, I couldn’t agree more! And I personally think that what’s come out on this so far is just the tip of the iceberg 🙂

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