Dear Sarah, I hope all is well with you. Thanks …

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Dear Sarah,

I hope all is well with you. Thanks very much for sharing all these great special reports with everyone.

To read that you breastfed your son for a year was very inspiring as I am currently breastfeeding my son (he is only 9 months old). I feel so burnt out lately that I even thought about stopping! But after reading your article I felt some strength again.

I wanted to ask you a question, maybe you can share with me your experience: basically I am a vegetarian and I am trying to also apply this to my son but I am getting a lot of pressure from everywhere, his doctor, family, friends, my nutrionist that he needs protein and iron to grow!!! And that he should have one teaspoon of meat every single day!

This was supposed to start 3 months ago when he turned 6 months old. I was able to hold it off but now I feel a bit confused and stressed out!

I personally have coeliac desease and a history of many deficiencies!! So I am very scared that my son will be deficient if I don’t follow for instance his doctor’s advice.

i have been doing some reasearch and he needs about 8 mg of iron per day. Based on what I find, he probably gets about 2 from my milk so I need to get 6mg from food.

I have found out recently that I am very low on iron – I’ll be taking Floradix twice per day
do you know if it’s ok to give that to my son?

For protein he needs about 15 grams per day as he weighs 12.5 kilos. It’s very hard to find proper information on how to feed babies when trying to follow a mostly raw or vegan/vegeterian diet.

You seem to be very educated in this area and knowledgeable and I was wondering if
you mind sharing your experiences with me on this topic.

Many thanks for your help.

With warm wishes,


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