8 tips for high-energy eating (while still enjoying Christmas)


1. Start every day with this health cocktail…

The juice of an organic lemon stirred into half a litre of warm water. Ideally you’ll be doing this every day of the year, but it’s especially important right now. This lemon juice-warm water concoction will hydrate you, cleanse your body, balance your pH, and stimulate digestion. Because of lemon’s high potassium content, it’s also good for your circulatory system. Finally, lemon is loaded with Vitamin C , which not only supports immunity but is also one of the first nutrients that starts to get depleted when you’re under stress of any kind.

2. Stay hydrated

Take your body weight in pounds, halve it and the figure you get is the number of fluid ounces of water you need per day. If you drink anything containing alcohol or caffeine, try to consume an extra glass of water for every glass/cup of these you drink.

3. Base every meal around vegetables

Whatever else you’re eating, leave some space for juices, green smoothies, soups, salads, seasonal cooked vegetables. And for an extra dose of green, make a batch of kale chips to crack open whenever you feel a snack attack coming on. Go here to read about how to make them, and why they’re as healthy and nutrient-dense as they are tasty and moreish.

4. Drink green juice

Ideally at least half a litre every day. Here’s a recipe.

5. Start each cooked meal with a large raw salad

It will greatly assist your body in digesting the cooked food. Get the raw goodness in first and take it from there.

6. Keep raw nut milks on hand

Make raw almond or hazelnut milk and keep some in the fridge at all times. It’s quick and easy – here’s how. It’s a wonderfully filling and satisfying drink served on its own or blended with banana to make a thick shake. You can also add it to your juices to transform them into creamy cocktails.

7. Move your body every day

Whether that’s by doing some yoga, going to the gym or braving the elements and taking a brisk walk – whatever it takes to raise your heart rate and get your circulation going. Hot and cold showers will also do this and a deep tissue massage can be extremely helpful at this time of year. You can only be in a state of health when your body is in a state of flow. The temperature outside and the foods on offer at this time of year conspire against this, so everything you can do to offset these factors is a good thing!

8. Go easy on yourself

Always remember – your health is not determined by what you do during the Christmas period, but by what you do most of the time. Be as healthy as you can this Christmas but if you ever notice that your dietary rules are stopping you from connecting and having fun with those you love, that’s your cue to relax them a little. Stress is as bad for your health as sugar, and what’s in your heart is more important than what’s on your plate.

Merry Christmas! xo

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  • I would suggest you add roasted pistachios into the milks and cream mixture. The flavours go together beautifully, not to mention the addition to the textures of that ever-delightful nutty crunch.

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