The only time I reach for meat is when my …

Comment on Diet guidelines for the Highly Sensitive Person by Frank C.

The only time I reach for meat is when my gut needs repair, so I boil some bones, usually free range drumsticks or lamb shanks. Something about the leg meats and bones. Maybe because they keep the animal on the ground, grounded? Casseroles and stews are the healthiest way to consume meat and bone simmering provides things fried roasted grilled muscle cuts cant offer. Do not overdo bone broth at all and use only for repair.
Otherwise if all the machinery is running good[because I am eating and living well] I am a vegan.
Slowly I’m improving my diet, just recently I’ve discovered the benefits of soaking grains, pulses and seeds to transform the antinutrients on the husks.
Hopefully soon I may never need to repair with animal broth. Maybe once a month is neccessary due to environmental pollutants.
The #1 antioxidant in the body is glutathione and is highest in meats.
However if oxidative stress is reduced [digestion produces oxidative stress so it can never be removed unless you stop eating] probably antioxidants from plant sources can be all that is required.
Thanks for the reminder, I get caught up with the world and free food events but regret it after every time.

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