Why we should all ignore the “experts” who tell us detoxing is a waste of time


It’s that time of year when half the population is either on an emergency diet, taking out a destined-to-be-short-lived gym membership or purchasing SOS “detox” powders and potions.

And right on cue the mainstream media is wheeling out the usual scientists with their soundbites dismissing the whole concept of detox as a load of hocus pocus dreamed up by alternative practitioners who know no better.

“Your body doesn’t need your help,” they confidently claim. “That’s why you have a liver and a pair of kidneys.”

Now the truth is, most detox products on the market don’t work. You certainly can’t expect to undo the effects of an unhealthy lifestyle with a day or two of eating less and taking something from a box you picked up at your local health store.

So most people don’t get very far when they “detox” but the anti-detox camp seizes on this to decry the whole concept that we can influence the body’s detoxification processes.

Don’t listen to them – it’s nonsense!

If given the opportunity, the body will detoxify at the deepest levels, with all the benefits that brings.

Here’s the Alliance for Natural Health on the topic:

“Periodic detoxing is a great way of dealing with the accumulation of specific toxins that may not be adequately detoxified and excreted during the course of normal living.

The fact is that our exposure to new-to-nature chemicals is greater than it’s ever been during our evolution. Being less active than we used to be, and consuming fewer plant nutrients that up-regulate natural detoxification pathways, means many suffer from a burden caused by their chemical load. This can lead to sluggishness, fatigue, anxiety, bad skin and — in the longer-term — to serious diseases like cancer, heart disease, obesity and diabetes.

It is only people ignorant of the science who refuse to accept that natural factors in the diet, as well as a wide variety of herbal species, and supplements, are able to substantially enhance our elimination of toxins within the body.

Therefore, on the basis of published science, including dozens of clinical trials, as well as years and even centuries of clinical experience among those who have practiced detox, we have no qualms about urging you to engage in periodic detoxes. But you should do this with proper advice, or prior knowledge, while also maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle, in combination with adequate amounts of physical activity, rest and relaxation.”

Still not convinced? Check out the Alliance’s responses to objections raised by 20 detox skeptics.

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