Want to look and feel your best – without deprivation? 

Want to shed that excess weight and get the body you’ve always dreamed of?

Fed up of feeling exhausted and burned out? 

Ready to uplevel your life in every area? 

Whether you said a big “YES!” to one of the above or to ALL of the above, I can help you. 

I’ve spent 25 years on a tireless quest to learn everything there is to know about radical self-care.

(You could say I’m a little obsessed.)

It doesn’t have to take you this long to learn how to eat, and live, for optimum wellness.

In fact, I hope I can save you years of trial and error.

Not to mention (if you’re anything like me) a lot of money.

Before I knew what I know now, I wasted a frankly embarrassing amount of that on pills, potions, tests and treatments that promised to make me healthier but only left me poorer.

And now? I eat food I love, that makes me feel great. And I have a better figure in my 40s than I had at 14 🙂 

You can read more about my background here

So how can I help YOU? 

You’re really serious about levelling up? By investing in one of my coaching programs, you’ll get my one-to-one advice and help for three months or more, which will allow us to go deep and really shift things for you. You’ll also have access to me for questions that come up between sessions (which, btw, are via Skype or phone call). 

As your coach, I’ll give you food and self-care tips, I’ll help you come up with a plan that fits in with your personality, your preferences and your lifestyle, and I’ll also support you (and cheer you on!) as you start to put it into practice.

My coaching packages start at $300…that’s for my one-month custom intensive designed to get you started on the road to achieving your goals.

If you think you’d like to work with me privately, let’s schedule a time to talk and figure out what YOU need and how I can best assist you.

I offer a complimentary, no-obligation 20-minute discovery call. This is your chance to jump on Skype with me so we can talk about where you’re at, where you’d like to be and how I might be able to support you in achieving your goals. 

Go here to book your free call.

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