Cancer prevention tips from Thomas Lodi, M.D.


The mainstream media and medical establishment would have us believe that cancer comes out of the blue; “strikes at random”.

And that beyond getting our “five a day” and avoiding the worst lifestyle habits (smoking, heavy drinking, becoming a regular at the local fast food restaurant…), there is nothing we can do to decrease our chances of getting it.

The good news is this is not true. Thomas Lodi, M.D. knows that better than most as he has a holistic cancer clinic in Arizona where he often turns around supposedly hopeless cases. Here he summarises the most effective steps we can all take to stack the odds greatly in our favour.

“A large proportion of the habits and behaviours that are considered “normal” in modern society increase the body’s toxic burden, and anything that does that increases our chances of getting cancer. Many of the things on the first list below are not things we can avoid completely, but in most cases we can reduce our exposure to them. These lists are far from exhaustive, since there is not space to list all the substances and habits that have either been conclusively proven to influence our chances of getting cancer, or are strongly suspected to. But, in no particular order, these are some of the most important areas to pay attention to.

What to avoid

  • Drugs, both pharmaceutical and recreational, including alcohol and nicotine
  • Non-organic food
  • Microwaved food
  • Junk and processed food, including refined sugar in all its guises
  • Tap water or water from plastic bottles
  • Skin, hair and body care products containing manmade chemicals
  • Toxic relationships
  • Negative emotions
  • Stress, exhaustion and/or lack of sleep
  • Electromagnetic radiation from cell phones (mobile phones) and wireless internet connections
  • Mammograms, X-rays and other procedures involving ionising radiation
  • Amalgam fillings and root canals
  • Living in a polluted, oxygen-poor environment such as a big city

What to include

  • An abundance of live, water-rich raw vegetables and fruits
  • Plentiful raw vegetable juices made with predominantly dark greens (you can enhance the taste by adding lemon and a little pear or green apple)
  • Pure water, meaning either spring water (not bottled in plastic) or filtered water
  • Regular colonics
  • Daily yoga or Qigong
  • Regular cardiovascular exercise
  • Plenty of fresh air and sunshine
  • Fun, laughter and loving relationships
  • Meditation and other relaxation techniques
  • Plenty of sleep. Get to bed before 10pm whenever possible and strive to make it possible often
  • Massages, structural reintegration and other bodywork
  • As much time as possible in natural environments with clean, oxygen-rich air”

Thomas Lodi, M.D., founded the Oasis of Healing cancer clinic in Mesa, Arizona where he treats patients using a combination of orthodox and natural medicine. To find out more visit the website or call the clinic on (001) 480 834 5414.


  • Great article, look forward to hearing more from Dr Lodi, I know where I would go if I needed treatment. Out of interest what are the (rough) costs involved?

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    • Good question! Patients generally stay anything between 2 and 12 weeks and there is a whole suite of treatments they may or may not be prescribed, so cost varies.

      However, as An Oasis of Healing is a non-residential facility I imagine this means it can be done on more of a budget than some of the residential ones.

      I will ask them whether they can give us a ballpark range as to costs – and in the meantime, anyone who would like further info can contact them direct

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  • Thank you so much for this information; I have been doing all of the “includes” for a time but still have a few of the “avoids” to cut out.

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  • All so true, but is anyone else frustrated that their family won’t pay any attention to advice like this? When I’ve suggested some of these things in the past family members have gotten upset, maybe because they don’t like being told their way of life is not so healthy, or maybe because change is just too hard for them.

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  • Hi Cicero,

    I’m a health coach and have trouble getting people to listen, so, YES, it’s very frustrating when friends and family won’t listen! Change is very difficult for some people, even when facing a serious illness. All we can do is share – share Dr. Lodi’s free eBook, his web site, and any personal stories. Get Brenda Cobb’s book, The Living Foods Lifestyle, and share her stories. Sign up for Hippocrates Health Institute’s free HOW magazine, and share their stories.

    Cancer is preventable and can be eliminated, no matter what stage. Many thousands of people have permanently eliminated cancer, diabetes and heart disease with a change in lifestyle which includes a whole foods, plant based diet. Just keep sharing!

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  • The further we deviate from nature, the worse off we are.
    Eating and living the way most people now do is slow suicide.
    If we’re one of the few who are awake, the steps we take away from what is considered normal must be drastic we are now so mismatched with our environment, or rather our environment is mismatched with US.

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  • “How strange a creature is Man, who will go to enormous lengths to preserve his life, only to harm it at the dinner table.” I think Thomas Edison summed us up as a species really, didn’t he? And how odd it is that we, who follow these health-creating regimes for ourselves, are seen as the ones who are weird by mainstream society. All we can do is share and care, and continue to be shining examples of the benefits of the regime we follow. And don’t despair. The message is getting across, albeit slowly!

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  • That’s really interesting that you list negative emotions as contributing to cancer. I knew there were a lot of diseases related to stress, but never knew negativity to lead to cancer. My family has a history of cancer and I’m hoping to end the tradition.

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