Brief guide to holistic cancer treatment


By Thomas Lodi, M.D.

1. Change the biochemistry of the cells so they no longer require going through the process called cancer.

2. Target the cancer that’s already there and eliminate it with minimal damage to the body.

3. Stimulate, balance and enhance the immune system. There is a cure for cancer, and it’s called a healthy immune system.

I’ve discovered over the years that there’s also a fourth component. The patient has to know that they’re in the right place – “I know I’m going to be healed” – and totally surrender.

Whether it is faith or a premonition, the neuroendocrine function of the brain – which is the effect of thinking on the hormone system – directly affects the physiology of the person.

This phenomenon is also seen clearly when two young women who become roommates soon begin menstruating at the same time.

When people have all four of these it’s nothing short of ‘miraculous’, although it is actually occurring according to natural law; it is nature. I had a man with stage 4 lung cancer and we turned it around in five weeks.

We turned around an orthopaedic surgeon with pancreatic cancer that had spread to his liver and lungs in four weeks.

The man with lung cancer – each day he held his green juice up to the heavens and thanked God for it. But a lot of patients don’t have that attitude.

At the clinic I’ll go round and ask people, “How are you doing?” Some of them will respond (groaning), “I’m drinking green juice,” and I say, “Well you might as well not.”

I then sit with them and discuss the physiology of fasting and how it cleans out non-self tissue…that is, it cleans away all pathological tissues, including cancer.

I also give them books and articles on fasting so that they focus on the ‘miracle’ that is occurring in their bodies instead of feeling deprived or a victim. This is essential to allowing the body to heal.”

Thomas Lodi, M.D., founded the Oasis of Healing cancer clinic in Mesa, Arizona where he treats patients using a combination of orthodox and natural medicine. To find out more visit the website or call the clinic on (001) 480 834 5414.

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