The biology of community

Redwood Trees in Forest, Northwest Rain Forest

By Vanessa Johansson.

Nature is a community. It tells its story through relationship.

It is the madness of the human mind that creates outside of this community – for example with mono-cropping.

Our ignorance is glaring and deeply destructive to the ecology of all life. Let us look at how the biology of our bodies as well as the biology of the natural world demonstrate the importance of community again and again.

The human body is comprised of four to ten times more other cells than human cells. This means that you are more something else than what you actually identify as yourself. Communities of bacteria and organisms make up what we are. Our digestive tract is lined with this bacterial community which breaks down our ingested food substances and actually feeds it to us.

This culture of bacteria is unique to our geography. This is where the word culture comes from – from ferments that are cultured with the local strains of bacteria developed by the environment in which they live. These bacterial communities are an expression of the perfect intelligence of that particular region. If consumed and communed with, they will make you smarter too.

The very foundation of nature is living soil. In one handful of living soil there are more varieties and numbers of life forms than all of the humans currently alive today on this planet as well as all humans who have ever lived. This Earth community breaks down minerals and nutrients and feeds them to the plants which feed whatever eats them.

The natural pattern found in the biology of our physical beings is a complete intelligent and communicating community. Whether or not harmony or disorganisation reigns is what dictates the intelligence and wellness of this biological community. When it’s disorganisation, renegade systems and cells have aborted the “master plan for the whole”. We call this cancer or disease.

Nature is reading you and you are reading it in every moment. Our hearts are powerful electromagnetic generators and receptors, meaning we are giving and receiving electrical information at all times. This is how we know where and what we are. We read and entrain with the electromagnetic body of our Earth Mother every ninety seconds. This regulates our circadian rhythms.

Jet lag is a disconnection from our Earth Mother. We lose the information that we need in order to survive and thrive. Our circadian rhythms become disorganised. This is also why babies must be held – preferably heart to heart, hence the genius of breastfeeding.

A biosystem found in nature is a series of individual systems that work together as an organisation of intelligence to further the life of the whole community or being. The sole purpose of Life as expressed in nature is for Life itself to be perpetuated and continued.

So in a prairie biosystem you might find a field and trees and plants and bushes and various bodies of water and mycelium networks and insect communities and animals and birds and moulds and all manner of bacteria, decay, decomposition and new life springing forth all at the same time. If one of the trees gets sick and becomes infested with a pestilence or mould, a grove of trees across the prairie will read this information through Nature’s Internet and the shared electromagnetic grid.

Through the underground network of mycelia (mushrooms), the healthy grove of trees will send over the nutrient or substance needed to shore up this sick tree, hence ensuring its own survival. This is true intelligence. Generosity is genius.

Service within your own local community is simply brilliant self-preservation through love. The body operates in this way, too, with the separate organs and systems working for the good of the whole. When the community becomes disconnected from its Source, it loses its intelligent structure and becomes disorganised. It becomes a “disorganisation” and viruses infect and corrupt and destroy the original blueprint and the infection or virus programs the system to destroy itself. Energy cannot flow freely and strongly through the system and it is weakened.

Diversity is the greatest measure of health and wellbeing in Nature, and homogeneity and linear processes are the guarantee that a bio-community will not survive infection, attack or extreme conditions.

There is not enough structure and depth in such a system to withstand attack. It is too immature and shallow and does not have enough “give” nor flexibility to compensate for the endless variables of natural life. This is what the human brain matrix death culture is creating: a weak, feeble and diseased community that must be propped up by unintelligent machines in order to withstand and survive – though certainly not thrive.

The oldest religion in this world is Shamanism. From the beginning of time wild humans, meaning undomesticated and uncultured humans, have communed with the plant and animal and insect and fungal worlds in prayer and celebration and supplication to the Great Mystery. When asked when and how they learned all that they know about how to use the natural world to support all of their needs being met, they would all say the same thing. The plants and animals themselves told them! The living, breathing earth and its many communities told them all that they needed to know.

In order to cease being a problem one must know oneself and in order to know oneself one must listen and in order to listen, one must be in the here and now. Listening to now and all that is being communicated while also being read by all that is within our community is critical to intelligent living. It is the only way to find our way back into true harmony with our own nature, which can only be informed to us through and by our immediate community.

Our Living Community will consider us, our biology, our thoughts, our deficiencies, our intentions and our perceptions – every minute aspect of our being is included, and the entire biosystem adjusts itself accordingly. There is no static nor set point. The community is alive and intelligent and interactive, adjusting itself at the speed of light in perfect wholeness and full consideration and inclusion of all. Our brains cannot do this. Our natural intelligence can and does.

Listening includes being where we are right now. First we listen to our own biological community. Then we can spread out to our regional community of people, places, plants, animals, water, sky, air, sun, birds, bugs, fungus and so much more.

We must step outside and take our place amongst our living community and learn how to be what we are and learn about where we are. Then we may learn why we are and who we are….but never in a vacuum and only in relationship. In full complete and living relationship to our local region.

This is our entry point to the world. Eating local food, drinking local living water, breathing local living air and receiving local living light are critical factors for us to understand what our particular personal and unique fractal in the Universal Hologram is about. This will only occur in relationship to the whole; through full and complete unedited and uncorrupted information from the whole.

The belief that something can be good for you and yet be out of alignment with the harmony of your community is false. This is a valuable truth to be explored and examined in order to be understood.

So if you are in a mental box, get out of it! Stop thinking that you know anything. Beware of dogma. Nature is never expressed in a straight line. Boxes are not found in the Intelligence of Nature. Circles and curves abound. Get comfortable going up and down and around in your life. There is great wisdom in this.

Go outside and sit on your Earth Mother’s ample lap. Let her tell you about who and what and where and why and how you are. Get still and just relax, because listening takes time. Breathe and listen, allow your Earth community to read you and know you, and allow yourself to receive information about your place in your community. Get into your particular region. Eat and drink from your particular community.

Become fully integrated in where you are and you will begin to know what you are. From there you will understand exactly how to be exactly what you are. Remember….what you call you is actually a living breathing and intelligent community. Life expresses itself in relationship, only always. Let your community tell you all about yourself. You will be amazed to discover exactly how brilliant you actually are!

Again, you will cease to be a problem when you begin to know yourself. You will begin to know yourself when you listen. When you listen you must be in the here and now. So get local and unravel the entire conundrum. The time is now and you are exactly who you are waiting for to create Heaven in this eternal moment.

Vanessa Johansson is the resident alchemist, CEO and chief custom designer for RainShadow Labs, a company which manufactures and sells high-quality natural skincare products. She has a degree in Holistic Nutrition and is an ambassador for plant medicines, having spent 14 years in the field intensively studying these. She was also a wilderness survival instructor for three years in The Great Basin Desert of Idaho.

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