Finally, a name for what I’ve felt since as long …

Comment on Are you a Highly Sensitive Person? by Kaley H.

Finally, a name for what I’ve felt since as long as I have had a memory. I feel a sort of validation now. My most early childhood memories all feel negative as I tend to be very stressed and overly concerned (and sad for) the wellbeing of every plant, animal, human, etc on earth. haha. I laugh about it right now but it is a hard thing to deal with especially when I was a kid, So many things destroyed my heart and caused me to stress and worry and feel sad and now as an adult I am anxious a lot, have trouble sleeping as I lie awake thinking about people who are hurting, and the way this world is truly disturbs me on a level that I don’t think most experience.

I am so intuitive to the point that I have premonitions about things that end up happening and I DON’T like that. Feel as though I can read minds at times too – again don’t like it. Being a Capricorn doesn’t help there either. Maybe if I learned to embrace all of this, instead of seeing it as negative. Yes I was always told that I was different, the black sheep, cry baby, a problem, etc.

Growing up with extremely abusive and distant parents (mostly dad) and siblings did not help here either. BUT, I have come to love that I have compassion and deep empathy for other people’s suffering. Especially for children. I know this is where my calling is, but I find myself unable to get to a place of action – YET. But I believe something great will come of it. How many people on this earth can say that the only thing they truly want in life is to HELP others, to love others, and to be there for someone whose path you might be able to change?

Is there a group or something online possibly, for HSP’s? That would be nice to have! To be together with your kind, people who understand you. Because they are so few. If anyone knows of any, please let me know! Thanks!