Hi! I am very thankful to read this, i have …

Comment on Are you a Highly Sensitive Person? by Majda.

Hi! I am very thankful to read this, i have recently met another community let’s say of HSP or sensitive ones and their only presence comforted me, as well as your whole support! I have always been trying to be understood because i have felt the blessing of being sensitive and how beautiful it can be if you’re surrounded by beautiful people and nature. However, i recently got back in the same insensitive, passive and unmotivating surrounding and since then i am entirely going mad. Nevertheless, if you believe in what you are or become and remain patient and loyal to your nature, love should help u find your place among people and on Earth. I often struggle with extremely negative thoughts and feelings, but i think i know it’s all because of what i recieve from outside. Thankfully, i met my transcedental yoga teacher through whom i still learn how to go back to myself, feel less worried and believe. Thank you for the believe part ** I wish we could all hang out one day in nature. And all bring your talents.

All love,
Greetings from Macedonia