Love this. Book – feels like one I want to …

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Love this. Book – feels like one I want to read. I do feel this dilemma – many perceive HSPs to be either overly neurotic, and or self indulgent /selfish. Even as a very young child I can recall bursting into tears two Christmases in a row as I found the invasion of visiting people, festivities and what felt like superfical hype too much to handle.. So excellent post. Thanks. 🙂
x ruthie.

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Diet guidelines for the Highly Sensitive Person
thankyou for this, will share it 🙂 x

The Raw Vegan Village: your reaction
“I wonder if the raw food movement (if you could call it that) has moved from a countercultural position to a ‚Äòcutting-edge’ mainstream-slash-corporate position ‚Ķ and in so doing has lost its soul? ” RM yes I feel this has definitly happened and continues to happen…

A cautionary tale: the “Raw Vegan Village”
My only comment is I am NOT at all shocked by this. Way back when I first heard about it all…my gut feel was cynical and I wouldn’t have touched any negotiations with this couple with a barge pole. I feel a deep compassion for all those whose hearts trusted them.

14 keys to thriving as a Highly Sensitive Person
Thanks Sarah, excellent, just blogged it on Rainbowspace too. And emailed your blog link to several clients also 🙂 xx

When raw gurus give dangerous advice
Excellent article… Took me two years to come to this conclusion. Being a firey Leo I really did radiate for a couple of years on very high fruit diet.. I was convinced it was the best ever, got deeply into natural hygiene AND the raw food elite who raved about the high fruit!!! After two years, I took a huge, heavy and depleting slump!! and it took me a good few months to find body harmony and balance again. WELL DONE for sharing. xx Ruthie