Good post. You know what I like about this blog? …

Comment on An overlooked essential for health and happiness by David.

Good post. You know what I like about this blog? Well. I’ll tell you. Other raw related blogs may get more comments on each post, but on this blog, the author CAN ACTUALLY BE BOTHERED AND TAKE THE TIME TO REPLY (use of caps deliberate 🙂 Sarah, I always look forward to your new postings, and await with interest your follow up on this topic. Take it easy, but keep takin’ it…

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Nothing tastes as good as health feels
Sarah … you effin rock

What we ALL need to know about cancer treatment
“You may feel you know enough about health and healing to manage your own treatment without assistance” / “I wouldn’t feel qualified to treat myself; I’d be looking for a specialist in the holistic treatment of my condition”.

Excellent points.

When raw gurus give dangerous advice
How long before one of these raw “nutritionists” is sued?

While they’re out there giving dangerous advice do they know that in 2008 a qualified nutritional therapist was sued for allegedly causing brain damage in a patient she put on a low-sodium diet and six pints of water a day (which is 3.4 litres) (so advice that is a lot more conservative than the examples in your article.)

According to the media reports like this one the diet caused the brain damage, which is why the patient received damages of over £800,000.

So I hope the banana-wielding, anorexia-cheering raw gurus you’ve referred to here have insurance, but at the same time doubt it.

Cupcakes may be as addictive as cocaine, say scientists
Agree that the article in The Mother magazine is really spot on.

The raw world’s top 5 most dangerous myths
Sarah… first time I’ve seen your blog… very useful information… David